In Season Charitable Contest Guidelines

Schools may host a contest in recognition of a charitable cause under the following conditions:

• The contest or competition may be held during any one week, to be determined by each individual school, of the designated sport season.
• The NDHSAA is supportive of charitable initiatives and has developed guidelines in regards to an athletic competition being held in the name of a charitable cause. Each school participating must be in agreement to allow any of the modifications to the rules.
• Team members may be allowed to wear headbands or wristbands of a solid non-regulation color.
• Officials may be allowed to use a colored whistle
• Colored game balls will not be allowed, however they may be used during any warm-up period prior to the contest.
• A commemorative ribbon may be worn, properly placed on the jersey or school-issued uniform. Uniforms must conform to National Federation rules, including colors.

Updated 10/12/2021