North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Cannonball Room—Bismarck Ramkota Hotel
October 17, 2012

October 16th Committee Meetings
            4:30 p.m.—Media Committee (Helvik, Martin, Wiberg) - Room 1165

October 17th Committee Meetings
            9:00 a.m.—Fine Arts Committee (Brannan, Sanstead, Ulland, Wiberg) - Room 1165

AGENDA—10:00 a.m.

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Approval of Minutes

a.     September 18, 2012

4.     Financial Report

a.     Balance sheet, budget, savings/investments

5.     Coop Dissolutions

a.     Turtle Lake-Mercer and Underwood in JH Boys’ BB-2012-13



6.     Coop Applications

a. Langdon Area and Munich in girls’ cross country, 7-12, 2013-14, no fee

b. Langdon Area and Munich in boys’ cross country, 7-12, 2013-14, no fee

c. Medina, Gackle-Streeter, Steele, and Tappen in girls cross country, 7-12, 2013-14 no fee

d. Medina, Gackle-Streeter, Steele, and Tappen in boys cross country, 7-12, 2013-14 no fee

7.     Calendar Issues

a.     In 2013-14, State Soccer has been scheduled during the week of Teacher’s Convention, October 17-18-19.  The proposed change in need of Board approval is:

        i.     Start of season-------------------August 5

       ii.     First Contest---------------------August 16

       iii.     Deadline for regular season---October 5

       iv.     State Tournament---------------October 10-11-12.

8.     Strategic Plan

a.     Survey of member schools is attached and will be presented at the meeting.

b.     General timelines as agreed upon are as follows:

        i.     August or Sept.—Board approves what is to be presented to membership

       ii.     September—survey member schools for feedback

      iii.     October—make adjustments and present to membership

       iv.     November—final approval of strategic plan

9.     Media Committee Report

a.     Larry Helvik, Committee Chair, will report regarding committee discussion following a review of the existing television contract and a progress report regarding the development of bid specifications for a new television contract.

10.  Football Committee Report

a.     Todd Olson, Committee Chair, will provide a report of Committee recommendations regarding region assignments for the 2013 and 2014 football plan. The final plan will require Board approval at the October meeting. The final plan will be distributed at the General Assembly Meeting.

11.  Constitution & By-Laws Committee Report

a.     Steve Hall, Committee Chair, will report to the Board concerning:

         i.     Reformatting of By-Laws

        ii.     Less than 50 rule

                         Committee notes are attached for your review.

12.  Fine Arts Committee Report

a.     Steve Brannan, Committee Chair will provide the Board with a report concerning:

        i.     Review Member School National Forensic League (NFL participation.

       ii.     State A Plays

               1.     Minimum school participation number to host

               2.     Number of place winners

               3.     Schedule format

13.  Region 2 Girls’ BB Update

a.     This item was on the last agenda and tabled until we received further information.  To date, UND has not indicated to John Hutchinson, tournament manager, whether or not we will be able to hold the Region 2 Girls’ Basketball Tournament at the Betty Engelstad Arena.  If we do not have an answer by meeting date, I would recommend we move the tournament and begin discussions with the two District Chairs to explore alternatives.

14.  Coaches Education Update

a.     Attached is a form that is being considered for member schools to report certified and non-certified coaches in grades 9-12. Plans are to distribute this at the general membership meeting.

15.  General Assembly Meeting

a.     Attached is the agenda for the General Assembly Meeting.  We will discuss how to distribute handouts etc.

16.  Other




17.   Rooming List 


18.   Board Correspondence



19.   Representative Reports

a.     Here is opportunity for Board members to create an awareness to issues and concerns that may or may not be found on a future agenda.

20.   Executive Secretary’s Report           



21.   Next Meeting, Date and Time

a.     November 16, 2012----Minot

                                               i.     District Chairs a.m.

                                             ii.     Board p.m.

22.  Adjourn

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