North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting
NDHSAA Office-Valley City
April 16, 2012

Agenda With Exec. Sec. Comments

April 16th Committee Meetings
  7:00 a.m.—Tournament Committee (Ulland, Hall, Brannan, Olson)
  7:30 a.m.—Football Committee (Moe, Swiontek, Ulland, Olson)
  7:45 a.m.—Promotions and Programs Committee (Auch, Hall, Ham)
  7:45 a.m.—Fine Arts Committee (Ulland, Sanstead, Brannan, Martin)
  10:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.—Strategic Planning (all Board Members)
  2:30 p.m.—Board Meeting Resumes

AGENDA—8:00 a.m.

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Approval of Minutes

  a.     March 9, 2012

  b.     March 13, 2012

  c.     March 21, 2012

4.     Financial Report

  a.     Attached are the balance sheet, budget report, and the Savings & Investment detail report.

5.     Coop Dissolutions

  a.     Hillsboro and Norman County West (MN) in wrestling.


6.     Coop Applications

  a.      Turtle Mtn. Comm. Sch and Ojibwa Indian School, girls softball, 7-12, 2012-13, no fee





7.     Turtle Lake-Mercer HS Request (8:30 audience)

  a.     Gaillord Peltier has requested an audience with the Board to discuss options with JH basketball cooperative agreements with McClusky and Underwood.  Attached is a letter from Mr. Peltier.

8.     Tournament Committee Report

  a.     Scott Ulland is Tournament Committee Chair and will provide a report that recommends regional tournament sites.

9.     Future Fine Arts Sites

  a.     Brian Bubach and members of the Fine Arts Committee will recommend future sites for fine arts contests.  Also attached is a Class B Music Fact Sheet that Brian will use to bring the Board up to date.

10.  Athletic Review (Fall)

  a.     Attached are coaches advisory minutes and a voting grid regarding recommended changes.

11.  Calendar Change

  a.    Because of Easter Monday, NDHSAA staff recommends a calendar change for Class A Plays in 2013.  The approved date is April 1-2.  The Proposed date is April 8-9.  Board approval is necessary for any calendar change.

12.  Five-year Calendar

  a.     The calendar has been approved through school year 2015-16.  To continue with an approved calendar, the Board needs to approve school year 2016-17.

13.  Fessenden-Bowdon HS Request

  a.     Attached is a communication from the Fessenden-Bowdon administration requesting their fine arts programs to be moved from Region 5 to Region 4.

14.  Cheer Report

  a.     Sheryl Solberg will update the Board regarding NDHSAA assumed responsibilities regarding cheer clinics and administration.

15.  Hillsboro/Central Valley Request (2:30 audience)

  a.     Attached is a letter requesting an audience with the Board concerning cooperative agreements between Hillsboro and Central Valley High schools.

16.  Football Committee Report

  a.     Committee Chair Pete Moe will bring the Board up to date regarding committee discussions, including item 16 above.

17.  Ball Contract

  a.     I will present the ball agreement that has been reached with Spalding and Gerrells Sports Center.  Board approval of this report is necessary.

18.  Promotions & Programs Committee Report

  a.     The Committee will have reviewed applications for the NDHSAA Distinguished Service Award and Committee Chair Ben Auch will provide recommendations to the Board.

19.  Washburn HS/Region 8 Baseball

  a.     Attached is a letter from Pete Moe, Washburn HS Ath. Dir and Region 8 Baseball Chairman requesting the Board to consider declaration dates for Class B Baseball.

20.  Watford City HS Request

  a.     At the last Board meeting, a 2012-13 softball coop between Watford City, Alexander and Johnson Corners was approved. Attached is a letter from Randy Cranston, Watford City HS Ath. Dir. requesting the Board to consider allowing the coop to take place for the 2012 season.

21.  MVP Report

  a.     There have been some questions raised about the value of MVP.  I have asked Brenda to give the Board an update regarding MVP.

22.  2012-13 NDHSAA Board Meeting Dates

  a.     Proposed meeting dates are attached for your consideration.

23.  Other




24.   Rooming List 


25.   Board Correspondence




26.   Representative Reports

  a.     Here is opportunity for Board members to create and awareness to issues and concerns that may or may not be found on a future agenda.

27.   Executive Secretary’s Report           

  a.     NDIRF rebate--$2445

  b.     NDOA Board Mtg---Matt Fetsch


28.   Next Meeting, Date and Time

  a.     June 19-20, Valley City Office

29.  Adjourn

Updated 07/23/2013