NDHSAA Music Contest Information

January 29, 2014 2:15 am

School Registration:  Each director must electronically register through NDHSAA. Instructions for registration may be found at:

When the roster and registration are complete, directors will need to print their Registration Report for voucher attachment to their business managers. Please send a copy of your registration along with your check (payable to Region Music) to your Region Manager on or before the deadline. Entries not registered by 11:59 p.m. CDT on the deadline date will be allowed to participate only under the 3 day late registration window (fee: $250).

April 25-State A Vocal & Strings at University of Jamestown
May 3-State B Music at Bismarck State College

Regional Recommendations:
    1.    The regional scheduler, contest manager, and site manager may be different individuals. Each regional treasurer should have a fee schedule with reference in Region meeting minutes.
    2.     Judge mileage is state rate ($.56).
    3.    Piano tuners and piano rental/moving should be done by a bid process.
    4.    Regional Recommended Judge Fees: Minimum fee is $150.

State Fees:
    1.    State A & B Judges receive $200 for a full day
    2.    A State Vocal/Strings Scheduler $300
    3.    A State Vocal/Strings Contest Manager $300
    4.    A State Vocal/Strings Site Manager $200
    5.    B State Music Scheduler $450
    6.    B State Music Contest Manager $450
    7.    B State Music Site Manager $600

Points of emphasis for 2014:
*State A and B Music Contests will have a 9:00 a.m. start time.
    1.    Judges must be NDHSAA certified.
    2.    Festival manager must enforce the quota system.
    3.    Directors should inform parents that state schedules are on the web at www.ndhsaa.com under Fine Arts>Music>Tournament Information. Managers are requested to submit region schedules as soon as they are developed.
    4.    Accompanists full names must be entered. Contests are primarily scheduled by accompanists. The fewer you have, the longer your day could be.
    5.    NDHSAA does not receive special requests for state music contest scheduling.
    6.    Awards and critique sheets should be picked up at the conclusion of the festival. If you must leave early, you may request a manager to send awards and ballots if you pay postage. For state contests, $5 must be left with the contest management.
    7.    Directors are not allowed to read critiques on the festival premises. If you have a concern with a judge, talk to the manager. If you have a concern with a written critique, send a copy to NDHSAA.
    8.    Schools must participate in their assigned region. The Region chairman must make the final decision on postponement because of weather or other concerns.