Spring Sport Rosters/Pictures/Cutlines and Schedules Deadlines

April 4, 2016 7:00 am

Spring sport rosters/pictures/cutlines and schedules are soon due. Schools are required to have information for all spring sports uploaded to NDHSAA three weeks into each season. Failure to upload required information will result in a $50 late fee. Schools have the ability to edit this information as rosters change throughout the season. NDHSAA member schools are required to upload a team picture, cutline, which identifies the lineup on the team photo, team roster and schedule/record for all sports.
This process allows invitational, district, regional and state tournament managers the ability to download and prepare tournament programs. For additional information on uploading team information to NDHSAA, please contact Brenda Schell at the NDHSAA office.

Below are deadline dates:
Softball: April 11, 2016
Baseball: April 11, 2016
Boys & Girls Track & Field: April 15, 2016
Girls Soccer: April 18, 2016
B Boys Golf: April 18, 2016
B Girls Golf: April 18, 2016
Girls Tennis: April 25, 2016
A Boys Golf: May 2, 2016