2014 State A Music Results

April 29, 2014 4:00 pm

The 2014 NDHSAA State Class A Vocal/Strings Music Festival was held Friday, April 25 at the University of Jamestown.  Dr. Richard Walentine and Dr. Laura Zamzow served as festival managers.  The NDHSAA State Class A Festival involves vocal and string solos and ensembles including up to 12 participants per entry.

14 judges heard 543 performances and awarded students ratings of Star, 1, 2, and 3.  Each judge had the opportunity to grant one Outstanding Performer award from the entries adjudicated during the day.  Outstanding Performers include:

Bismarck High              Boys' Vocal Solo                 Sam               Miller                 Performing:     Honor and Arms

Bismarck High              Solo: Double Bass              Nils                Aardahl            Performing:     Prelude to Suite No. 2

Bismarck St. Mary's     Boys' Vocal Ensemble       7-12                                         Performing:     Johnny Schmoker

Fargo Davies               Girls' Vocal Ensemble        2-3                                           Performing:     Seal Lullaby

Fargo Davies               Girls' Vocal Ensemble        7-12                                         Performing:     La Luna (Song to the Moon)

Fargo North                 Boys' Vocal Solo                 Chance        Olsen                Performing:     Honor and Arms

Fargo North                 Girls' Vocal Solo                  Alanna         Snortland        Performing:     Sure On This Shining Night

Fargo North                 Mixed String Ensemble     2-3                                           Performing:     Dumky Trio, III. Andante

Fargo North                 Solo: Violin                           Radhika       Katti                   Performing:     Vln. Concerto I.Allegro con fermezza

Fargo North                 Violincello Ensemble         2-3                                           Performing:     Concerto for 2 Vcl in Gm, Allegro

Fargo South                 Girls' Vocal Ensemble        2-3                                           Performing:     In the Woods

Jamestown                   Girls' Vocal Solo                  Erika             Hermanson     Performing:     The Holy City

Jamestown                   Mixed Vocal Ensemble      7-12                                         Performing:     Daniel, Daniel Servant of the Lord

Minot                              Girls' Vocal Solo                  Michaela      Burns                Performing:     Vielle Chanson

For additional information, please visit the NDHSAA website:  http://www.ndhsaa.com/tournaments/music