2014 Class B State Speech Results

April 22, 2014 4:00 pm

  The 62nd Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 26, 2014. All participants qualified from one of ten regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.
Enderlin/Maple Valley and Richardton-Taylor tied for first place with 52 points; Oakes was third with 43 pts; Hazen was fourth with 35 pts; Carrington was fifth with 33 pts; and Bishop Ryan was sixth with 30 pts.
The Class B Coach of the Year was Beth Aufforth from Burke Central High School.
The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.
Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st-Gavin Muscha, Richland; 2nd-Brandt  Vernon, Hazen; 3rd- Dakota  Degenstein, Hazen; 4th- Caitlin Hurst, Harvey/Wells County; 5th-Riley Abrahamson, Bowman County; 6th-Nicole Bartholomay, Enderlin/Maple Valley;  7th-Cheyenne Leingang, Richardton-Taylor; 8th-Alex Syverson, Enderlin/Maple Valley.
                  Radio Broadcasting:  1st-Noah Knutson, Central Cass; 2nd-Katie Kuipers, Oakes; 3rd-Hunter Kuntz, Richardton-Taylor; 4th-Gabrielle Volk-Miller, Carrington; 5th-Lane Voltz, Richardton-Taylor; 6th-Courtney Bunn, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 7th-Carl Hayes, Hazen; 8th-Colton Gandrud, Burke County.
                  Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st-Josey Gruba, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd-Samantha Janda, Hatton/Northwood; 3rd-Kenady Hansen, Washburn; 4th- Sarabeth Waswick, North Sargent; 5th- McKenna Foley, Velva; 6th- Catherine Manstrom, Wyndmere; 7th-Grace Schuler, Wishek; 8th-McKensy Friedt, Richardton-Taylor.
                  Storytelling: 1st-Ryan Larson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd-Jacob Effertz, Velva; 3rd-Kelsey Perdue, Ray; 4th-Alicia Billock, Mott-Regent; 5th-Taylor Peterson, Burke County; 6th-William Egan, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 7th-Allison Gion, Mott-Regent; 8th-Oliver Hermanson, Watford City.
                  Serious Duo:  1st-Alexis Larson/Keaton Erickson, Carrington; 2nd-AaronGabriel/Geoffrey Rath, Oakes; 3rd-Morgan Hochspring/Delanie Wiedrich, Hazen; 4th-Travis Hays/Samantha Janda, Hatton/Northwood;  5th-Dylan Austin/Kayla Dittus, New Salem Almont; 6th-Abigail Berg/Cody Ryan- Lewis & Clark; 7th-Sarah Bolton/Emily Pillar, Hazen; 8th-Madison Moen/Nicholas Helfrich, Lewis & Clark.
Poetry:  1st-Colter Schoenfish, Oak Grove;  2nd-Katherine Aberle, LaMoure; 3rd-Justin Hance, Richardton-Taylor; 4th-Kayle Borner, Washburn; 5th-Larree Janssen, LaMoure; 6th-Kaylee Jacksen, North Star;  7th-Logan Beck, North Star; 8th-Kimberly Ellwein, Hazen.
Dramatic Interpretation:  1st-Tessa Heitkamp, Kindred;  2nd-Charlee Scott, Richardton-Taylor;  3rd-Faith Osborn, Oakes; 4th-Lane Aune, Richardton-Taylor; 5th-Arcilla Davis, Richardton-Taylor; 6th-Isak Johnson, Park River; 7th-Tanner Due, Washburn;  8th-Sarabeth Waswick, North Sargent
                  Inform:   1st-Tessa Hartl, New Rockford; 2nd-Jaycie Honeyman, Mott-Regent; 3rd-Gabrielle Volk-Miller, Carrington; 4th-Caitlin Hurst, Harvey/Wells County; 5th-Kristen Stave, Rolette; 6th-Kelsey Young, Garrison/Max; 7th-Sabrina Kramer, Burke County;  8th-Jacob Holle, New Salem Almont.
                  Humorous Interpretation:  1st-Kayle Borner, Washburn;  2nd-Aaron Sandy, Bishop Ryan; 3rd-Tamu Puwa, Bishop Ryan; 4th-Sierra McKeeber, North Sargent; 5th-William Egan, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 6th-Samantha Steiner, Richardton-Taylor; 7th-Noah Knutson, Central Cass; 8th-Bryon Beams, Richardton-Taylor.
Humorous Duo:  1st-Alexandra Hill/Allen Paul, Oakes; 2nd-Tamupuwa Kamba/Aaron Sandy, Bishop Ryan; 3rd-Joshua Christianson/Hailey Hamilton, Sargent Central; 4th-Gavin Aspelund/Ryan Larson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Darby Deckert/ReeAnn Christianson, Rugby; 6th-Kathleen Aberle/Carson Good, LaMoure; 7th-Elizabeth Bohn/Cheyenne Leingang, Richardton-Taylor; 8th-Billie Lentz/Samantha Nordmark, Rolla.
                  Serious Prose:  1st-Charlee Scott, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd-Tessa Heidtkamp, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Abigail Berg, Lewis & Clark 4th-Cole Girodat, Kindred; 5th-Marissa Diggs, Oakes; 6th-Michael Shirek, Hettinger; 7th-Douglas Winzenberg, Burke County; 8th-Emily Hardebeck, Lisbon.
                  Speech to Persuade:  1st-Kathryn Bartholomay, Bowman County; 2nd-Nicole Bartholomay, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Patrick Pochant, Washburn; 4th-Jaycie Honeyman, Mott-Regent; 5th-Rebekah Wangler, Rugby; 6th-Kirsten Stave, Rolette; 7th-Andrew Fugleberg, May-Port-CG; 8th-Cossandra Rutschke, Linton.
Impromptu:  1st-Brandt Vernon, Hazen; 2nd-Keaton Smith, Bishop Ryan; 3rd-Cossandra Rutschke, Linton; 4th-Barret Salberg, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Faith Osborn, Oakes; 6th-Alexandra Hill, Oakes;  7th-Katrina Amundson, Hatton/Northwood;  8th-Janene Peterson, Lewis & Clark.
                  Speech to Entertain: 1st-Bailey Schumann, Carrington; 2nd-Joseph Greenmyer, North Sargent; 3rd-Cordell Wagner, Harvey/Wells County; 4th-Taylor Mahlum, Burke County; 5th-Zachary Miller, Rugby; 6th-Andrea Benson, North Star;  7th-William Holton, Carrington; 8th-Sarah Miller, Glenburn.