Music Advisory Focus

September 17, 2013 5:00 am

The NDHSAA Music Advisory Committee is made up of 5 active directors representing Class A East, Class A West, Class B East, Class B West and Class B At Large.  Advisory members are selected by the North Dakota Music Educators Association and serve 3-year terms.

Committee members review current NDHSAA music regulations throughout the school year and meet in May to determine potential rules changes.  Advisory-proposed regulation change goes through the Fine Arts Review before heading to the NDHSAA Board of Directors for action in June.  As the school year progresses, directors are encouraged to contact their advisory representatives regarding potential change.

This week features Mark Perkins, Class B At-Large representative serving through May 2016.  Mark is 35-year veteran and is with Scranton High School as Director of Bands and Technology.

When asked about directing, Perkins feels that it is very important to get to know students’ different personalities to be able to better understand and communicate with them.  He looks to build their confidence and ability to share their musical talents.

Perkins believes music not only builds confidence and musical skills but communication skills in general.  These skills help develop well-rounded students who are able to establish friendships with students from other schools, which can expand their horizons.  He continues, “It (music) teaches self discipline and helps establish a better work ethic that transfers to all other activities and life in general.” 

Mark’s hope is that music education continues to thrive and improve across our state and it’s a hope of mine too.  Hat’s off to our state’s music educators as their pep bands and anthem singers perform, they prepare for fall concerts, and we all see another great side of our school communities.

Brian Bubach