Advisory Focus—Plays

October 23, 2013 10:00 am

Advisory Focus—Plays

The NDHSAA Speech Advisory Committee is made up of 5 active coaches/directors representing Student Congress, Plays, Debate, Class A Speech and Class B Speech.  Advisory members are selected by the Communication, Speech, and Theatre Association of North Dakota (CSTAND) and serve 3-year terms.

Committee members review current NDHSAA regulations throughout the school year and meet in May to determine potential rules changes.  Advisory-proposed regulation change goes through the Fine Arts Review before heading to the NDHSAA Board of Directors for action in June.  As the school year progresses, coaches and directors are encouraged to contact their advisory representatives regarding potential change.

This week features Terri Egan, Plays representative serving through 2015.  Terri has dedicated 16 years to coaching, judging and directing and is with Enderlin Area High School.

When asked about important strategies within her theater program, Egan works to help students find confidence in their abilities and develop tools to creatively express themselves.  She hopes to help students appreciate the efforts that artists make and motivates them to become part of an engaged, educated audiences for the future.

Egan has served both as a director (Class B) and a judge (Class A) for NDHSAA State One Act contests.  One highlight she notes is watching students take over the setup and preparation during the competition.  When asked about the future, Egan states, “I see arts competitions as a unique way to build leadership, artistic, and management skills.  Students need to learn self-regulation, cooperation, and focus to be successful in speech and one act competition.”

Terri Egan looks for ways school arts communities can share resources and collaborate with the many experts in our state.  Class B regions plays begin October 6 with Region 1 in Lisbon.  For a complete listing of events and dates, please visit