NDHSAA Board Of Directors Meeting Recap (January 19)

January 19, 2017 4:15 pm

By Tom Mix
NDHSAA Media Specialist

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The North Dakota High School Activities Association’s Board of Directors met on Thursday, January 19.

Highlights of the meeting included the announcement of new NDHSAA Board members for the 2017-18 school year and voting on 2016-17 Advisory Recommendations for Board consideration from Athletic Review.

Warren Strand, Principal at Fessenden-Bowdon, was elected as North Dakota Association of Secondary School Principals representative.

Travis Jordan, Beulah Superintendent, was elected as Class B Southwest representative.

The appointment of NDHSAA Board Members is determined by a vote of member schools.

The NDHSAA Board approved the following advisory recommendations for fall sports from Athletic Review:

  • DIVISION A FOOTBALL: The four No. 1 seeds from each region will be ranked 1-4 according to QRF rating at the end of the regular season. The bracket quadrants of the #1 and #4 ranked top seeds will be placed in the top half of the bracket and the #2 and #3 ranked top seeds in the bottom half. First and second round pairings will remain the same annually. Board Vote: 10-0

  • FOOTBALL (ALL DIVISIONS): Change Regulation No. 12 to read "The higher seeded team will be designated as the home team. When like seeds play, the team with the higher QRF rating at the end of the regular season will be designated as the home team. If the teams QRF rating is the same, the team with higher overall region QRF rating will be designated as the home team." Board Vote: 10-0

  • FOOTBALL (ALL DIVISIONS): Add regulation requiring back judge to signal when 10 seconds remain on the play clock.

  • VOLLEYBALL (BOTH CLASSES): 1. Individuals shall not compete in more than two matches against one opponent school team on any one calendar day except in tournament play and eliminate the regulation that states "Individual set limitation for the season is six times the number of allowable matches plus tournament play" Board Vote: 9-1

  • VOLLEYBALL (BOTH CLASSES): Establish the following pre-match protocol: 1) Teams will begin at the end line for anthem and line-up's. 2) Teams will stay on the end line for line-up introductions. Athletes will not shake hands with officials or opposing coaching staff. 3) The official will beckon teams for pre-match handshake. 4) Following the pre-match handshake, the 6 starters will stay on the floor and all other teammates will go to their assigned bench. 5) The R2 will begin line-up checks and libero replacement if necessary. Board Vote: 9-1

  • CROSS COUNTRY: Create regulation stating that pets are not allowed on the state tournament course except for documented service animals. Board Vote: 9-1

Full list of Advisory Recommendations from Athletic Review with NDHSAA Board Vote

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