Boys Cross Country

NDHSAA administrates two divisions of boys cross country, Class A and Class B, held in our fall season.

2020-21 NDHSAA Return to Competition Guidelines - Sport Specific Rule Modifications

Important Dates:

Rules clinics (online only) August 3-24, 2020
Season begins August 10, 2020
First contest August 21, 2020
Picture, Cutline, Roster and Schedule due on NDHSAA website August 31, 2020
*Deadline for State Entries *NOTE: Date Change *October 14, 2020 at 10:00 am
State Meet in Jamestown, Jim Roaldson, manager. October 24, 2020

For questions regarding cross country, please contact Justin Fletschock, NDHSAA Assistant Director

Updated 09/30/2020