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Constitution & By-Laws


Foreword and History

The North Dakota High School Activities Association has had a continuous existence since 1908 as is evident from the pages listing the officials of the organization. Prior to 1949 the position of Executive Director was a part-time position held by a school superintendent. In June of 1949 the position was made a full time one. The organization has now provided to enlarge the services of the Association, and these services are being expanded as rapidly as conditions warrant.

Effective July 1, 1955, the name of the High School League was changed to High School Activities Association to better indicate the nature of the work the Association performs. It is still the same organization which had its origin back in 1908.

Since the 1963-1964 school year, there have been two classifications of schools consisting of A and B divisions as outlined in Part Two, Article II of the By-Laws of the Association.

All states of the United States and Washington D.C. have banded together and formed the National Federation of State High School Associations (http://www.nfhs.org) with an executive office in Indianapolis, Indiana, that serves the entire United States through its press service, publication of rule books, and many other ways.

NDHSAA member schools are in complete control of the Constitution & By-Laws. The NDHSAA Board of Directors has the responsibility to make interpretations but no changes to the Constitution and By-Laws are made without a vote of the member schools.

School superintendents, principals, and coaches of the various fields of the so-called extra-curricular activities are frequently confronted with the problem of interpreting the eligibility rules, which govern the participants in these activities. It is the purpose of this publication to assemble the available material on all eligibility rules regulating interscholastic relations of the high schools of the State of North Dakota, and make these rules easily available for the busy school administrators in such form that questions concerning the rules may be quickly and easily answered.

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