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Constitution & By-Laws


(Effective July 1, 1969)

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified in the rules which follow, the rules and regulations of the North Dakota High School Activities Association for regular high schools apply to junior high schools.

Article III: General Regulations

Section I

Competition is limited to seventh, eighth and ninth grades, except as hereinafter provided. Public and private elementary schools not accredited or organized as junior high schools must be members of the NDHSAA and abide by these junior high school rules in order to participate in the program.

Section II

Elementary schools in school districts not operating a high school, having seventh and eighth grade teams must join the Association in order to play seventh and eighth and/or junior high school teams of member schools by paying the regular membership fee of twenty (20) cents per pupil in grades seven and eight with a minimum fee of twenty-five dollars ($25.00). (January 2004)

Section III

If the total enrollment of the seventh and eighth grade pupils in a school or cooperative sponsorship school is not over seventy-five (75), the fifth and sixth grade pupils of the school may be permitted to participate on all the junior high teams except tackle football and wrestling.

Note: The total enrollment count must take place at the beginning of each season in which this rule is applied. (Oct. 2017)

  1. Eligible 5th and 6th grade pupils are only allowed to compete in junior high events. 5th and/or 6th grade participation in junior varsity or varsity contests is prohibited.

Section IV

A member school with teams in both junior and senior high school may select pupils in grades seven, eight or nine for either the junior high school team or as members of a high school team. Any student who participates on a high school team(s) or a combination of junior high and high school teams is regulated by individual limitations established for high school students. A student involved in junior high competition only is regulated by junior high school limitations. This rule applies except in sports where specified differently.

Section V

All students participating on a team registered in the junior high division must be enrolled in the same school and be under the supervision of the same administrative head, except that schools which have less than seventy-five (75) students enrolled in grades 7 and 8 may combine with another school in their district, or their designated high school district. NOTE: This amendment makes it possible for schools meeting the above criteria to join in all activities. (Junior high school co-ops must count total junior high enrollment of all schools involved.) Also, the total enrollment count must take place at the beginning of each season in which this rule is applied.

Section VI

Any team combination of 7th and 8th grade is considered junior high school. Ninth grade teams may declare their status and participate as either a high school team or as a junior high school team. Any 7th or 8th grade student who plays on a 9th grade team plays at the status chosen for that team. If the 9th grade team chooses high school status, high school rules apply, or if a 9th grade team declares itself a junior high team, junior high rules apply.

Section VII

Teams registered in the junior high division may compete with other teams registered in this division or with similar teams holding membership in the state high school association of other states, if such associations hold membership in the National Federation of State High School Associations.

Section VIII

Games with "B" teams or varsity teams of senior high school are prohibited. A junior high school team cannot play with or against tenth graders under any circumstances.

Section IX

A student is eligible for only TWO SEMESTERS in each the 7th and 8th grade beginning with the first semester of entrance in each grade. A student who is repeating a grade is not eligible. Junior High students are limited to one season per year per sport or activity. The same rule as applies to senior high schools relative to what constitutes a semester's attendance shall prevail. (October 2019)

Section X

A ninth grade student shall not be eligible to compete in the junior high division on or after the day on which the seventeenth anniversary of his/her birth occurs. A seventh or eighth grader shall not be eligible to compete in the junior high division on or after the day on which the sixteenth anniversary of his/her birth occurs. (October 2019)

Section XI: Scholarship

Jr. High students must meet the same academic requirements as set forth for senior high school competition. (2015)

  1. Jr. High students must be passing all courses to be eligible to participate on a high school team.

Section XII: Physical Examinations

The same rule as applies to senior high school students shall prevail.

Section XIII: Residence

A student is eligible in the school of the district where his/her parents are bona-fide residents. A student who transfers from one junior high school to another must meet the same rules pertaining to residence and migration as set forth for senior high school competition.

  1. First-time seventh graders are varsity eligible at the school they represent. For any student transfer during junior high, refer to Part II, Article XIV, Section IX.

NOTE: In districts which have more than one junior high school, the home school of the pupil shall be the same school as is determined by the Board of Education for all students living in a designated area.

Section XIV

All NDHSAA sponsored interscholastic activities (including Junior High) shall be governed by regulations as established by the NDHSAA Board of Directors. (October 2005)

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