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Constitution & By-Laws

Part II By-Laws of the North Dakota High School Activities Association

Article XI: Officials


The major officials in all interschool contests shall be on the registered list of officials of the Association provided, however, that the Executive Secretary or his assistants may, in case of emergency, grant a member school a waiver of this requirement. The Board shall designate who will be defined as major officials.


The Board shall adopt the procedures for the registration of officials, shall set and establish rules and procedures for advancement and classification of officials, and shall set and establish rules, procedures and conditions for disciplining officials, including but not limited to the remedies of revocation of registration, or the suspension or probation of officials.


  • Rules clinics are put on by the NDHSAA Assistants to the Executive Secretary and held seasonally either online or at locations across the state. Each year tests for each sport are administered to officials on specifically assigned dates. All schools are required to use registered officials in all high school games in the major sports provided in Part Two, Article XI of the By-Laws of the Association. It is also recommended that registered officials be used for grade or junior high games.

    In order to remain on the Officials' Listing, every official must complete a mandatory rules clinic and take the officials test each year in the sport or sports registered, provided such a test is mandatory. Officiating workshops are provided in baseball, football, basketball, hockey, gymnastics, softball and volleyball by the NDHSAA. Attendance at certain workshops is required relative to each official's classification. All registered officials are required to complete a Concussion Management Course.

  • Major officials are interpreted as referee, umpire, field judge and head linesman in football, meet referee, starter and diving referee in swimming, referees in basketball, umpires in baseball and softball, referees and linesmen in hockey and soccer, referee in wrestling, gymnastic judges and referee and umpire in volleyball.

  • Under Board regulations, all schools must use only registered officials in all interscholastic contests with member schools.

  • All officials who wish to improve themselves in service will be given ample opportunity to do so through the Association program of clinics, tests, workshops and online courses.

  • A maximum pay scale has been adopted by the Board of Directors.

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