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Constitution & By-Laws


By-Laws & Board of Directors Regulations Affecting Length of Season, Number of Events, General Regulations, Etc.

Guidelines Relative to Out-of-Season Practice and Use of Facilities

Schools may open their facilities for recreational activities during out-of-season periods when in accord with the following guidelines:

  1. The facilities are open to all students for participation.

  2. There is no coaching or instruction in the skills and techniques in any sport that is "out-of-season" under NDHSAA regulations.

  3. There shall be no group pre-conditioning exercise practice prior to the start of the season. However, an individual can do this by himself/herself, but not with the coach.

  4. Participation is voluntary and is not required directly or indirectly for membership on a high school squad.

  5. Comparable opportunities are afforded both sexes.

  6. The school administration assumes the responsibility of making certain there is adherence to these guidelines.

Scrimmage Rules: (Updated June 2020)

The following conditions must be met in conducting scrimmages.

  1. One scrimmage may be held prior to the first contest and will not count against allowable contests.

  2. When more than 2 teams are involved in a scrimmage no team should participate longer than what would constitute a regular contest.

  3. A time clock may be used in order to approximate certain game situations where coaches may want to give instruction to their athletes.

  4. No official score shall be kept.

  5. Registered officials may be used.

  6. Admissions and concessions are allowable at the discretion of the host school.

  7. Scrimmages shall count towards an individual's preseason practice requirement.

Pre-Season Practice Sessions

  1. Pre-season practice sessions in all sports shall be held in the immediate environment of the city or school district in which the school is located. (Sept. 2007). Executive Secretary has authority to waive this regulation when appealed by a member school. (June 2014)

  2. Required preseason practices, which are not attended by an athlete because that athlete is actively involved in practice for or participation in NDHSAA post season athletic competition held concurrently with such preseason practices shall be waived.

  3. ~~Two~~ [Three]{.underline} days of the nine-day practice rule may be waived due to Basic Military Training/AIT attendance, provided there is a conflict with the first contest.

  4. Three days of non-pad football practice may be waived if practice is missed due to attending basic military training. Six days of pad practice is required.

  5. ~~Practices held the same day as a game/meet shall not count towards the required minimum practice rule.~~ [An individual may not have their ninth practice and participate in a contest on the same day.]{.underline}

  6. Pre-season practice requirements shall apply to both teams and individuals. Though the requirement may have been met to number of team practices, individual students would not be eligible for the first contest scheduled if they had not personally met this requirement.

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