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Constitution & By-Laws

Part I Constitution of the North Dakota High School Activities Association

Article VIII: District Committee


The immediate management of all activities in the various districts and classes of school of the state shall be placed in the hands of committees of three members who shall be chosen for a period of three years at the annual district meeting, one member of whom shall be elected each year. The representative of each member shall be the superintendent, principal or athletic/activities director. One of the members of the district committee shall be chosen chairperson either by action of the district committee or by the representatives present.


In the event that the athletic district be of such size or contain so many schools as to be unwieldy for arranging contests or activities on the district level, it may, upon a majority vote of the representatives of the schools therein, subdivide itself; and in such cases each subdivision shall select its own committee to govern its own affairs.


Music and speech activities shall be governed by district committees of not more than three members of which at least one, but not more than two members, must be representative of each of the classes of schools which participate in the activities of each such districts, except that when the district is comprised of one class only, three members shall be elected from the same class.


The district chairperson shall report or cause to be reported the names of the district committee members to the Executive Director, who shall prepare and publish a list of all committee members and send same to all member schools.


The district committees shall meet at some suitable place on or before November 15th to consider the interscholastic affairs of its jurisdiction. To this meeting all superintendents, principals, athletic/activities directors, coaches and/or music and speech directors shall be invited, and the committee shall conform to the directions of the member schools. At this meeting the basis for deciding district championships in athletics and/or participation in other interscholastic activities shall be determined.


It shall have authority under the restraints of the Constitution and By-Laws and regulations of the Board over all matters concerning athletics and/or speech and music activities in the district, including the power with a majority vote of district member schools to specify and schedule up to one regular season basketball game between member schools of the district in order for a member school to be eligible for district basketball tournament competition.

a. The district committee shall report in full the proceedings of all meetings to all schools affected in the district and to the Executive Director of the Association.

b. In such activities as are carried on to the state level, the district committee must conform its planning with dates, fees, rules of eligibility and other regulations as set up on the next higher level or by the Board.

c. District athletic committees shall have authority to set aside annually from tournament receipts a sum to be determined by member schools which shall be held in the district to be used at the discretion of the district committee for legitimate expenditures of committee delegates or committee members in the conduct of district affairs.

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