Tournament Committee

The Combined Tournament Committee is a committee comprised of Athletic Tournament managers and board members. The Combined Tournament Committee meets twice per year and makes recommendations to the NDHSAA Board of Directors on tournament sites and tournament management issues.

Combined Tournament Committee Agenda - Notes - Supporting Documentation

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Program Information:

Program information appears below. 

1 Logos

The NDHSAA symbol is a registered service mark within the state of North Dakota.  Any manufacture, use, display, or sale utilizing this mark falls under NDCC 47-22 and is authorized only with express written permission from NDHSAA. 

NDHSAA Logos  ND Farmers Union Insurance Logos
NDHSAA Color Farmers Union Insurance pdf
NDHSAA BW Farmers Union Insurance ai
ND Army National Guard Logos
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ND Department of Transportation/ND Association of Counties

2 Tournament PA Announcements

3 North Dakota National Guard Program Ads

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1617_NDARNG_NDHSAA_Full_Page_BW_Ad.pdf 1617_NDARNG_NDHSAA_Half_Page_B&W Ad.pdf

4 Farmers Union Program Ads

Fall Tennis Golf Soccer Cross Country (see additional ads below) Swimming & Diving Football

Winter Wrestling Gymnastics Hockey

Swimming & Diving

Spring Tennis Track & Field Golf Soccer Baseball Softball  
Additional Ads Respect Cheerleader          

5 North Dakota Department of Transportation/North Dakota Association of Counties Sponsor Ads

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6 Anthem PA Announcements

7 NDHSAA Behavior Expectations

8 Board & Staff Pictures (Word)

   Board & Staff Pictures (InDesign)

9 NDHSAA History & Information

10 Tournament History (choose tournament information below)


Sport Past Champions Team Records Individual Records Team Records Team Appearances   Last Update
A Baseball History           6/18/15
B Baseball B-Past Champs            
Basketball (A) A Boys State Basketball Records     4/2/15
 Basketball (B) B Boys Records Appearance - Title - Champs - Runner up - Scores   Individual Scoring Records - as of 2009 State Tournament    2/10/15
*Cross Country Champions - Records     10/20/14
• Football Champions - Records          
Golf (A) Past Champions            
Golf (B) Past Champions           11/30/11
Hockey Tournaments Information - Individual & Team Records - Past Team Appearances Sr. Athlete of Year 4/8/15
• Soccer History/Records            
Swimming & Diving (B) State Meet Team Scores State Meet Records State History/Records Coach of Year Sr. Athlete of Year All State Teams 3/26/14
• Tennis Champions - Records            
Track & Field State Records           5/31/13
Wrestling Individual Class A State Champs from 1988 Individual Class B State Champs from 1988 Individual Class A State Champs from 1958-1987 Individual Class B State Champs 1969-1987 Past Individual Team State Champs Past Dual State Champs 3/31/15
Coach of the Year Hall of Fame Mr. Wrestler School Records Individual Records Past Champs (2_20_12)
Coaching Records          


Sport Team Champions Team Records Individual Records Team Records Team Appearances Last Update
Basketball (A) A Girls State Basketball Records   4/2/15
Basketball (B) Championship Game Results   Tournament Appearances Tournament Records 1/28/15
*Cross Country Champions - Records     10/20/14
*Golf (A) Champions - Records          
Golf (B) Past Champions         10/28/10
Gymnastics State Team Champions State Records State Individual Champions     1/21/13
Hockey Tournament Records         6/7/10
Soccer State Tournament History 5/15/17
Softball Team Records  -  Individual Records 2/13/15
* Swimming & Diving Champions - Records        
• Tennis Champions - Records          
Track & Field State Records         5/31/13
• Volleyball Champions - Records        


Updated 08/23/2018