NDHSAA Coaches' Education

All coaches who work with student-athletes in grades 9-12 must be certified. 

To become certified a coach must complete the requirements for a NDHSAA Coaching Permit.  

May 20, 2020 - The NDHSAA Board of Directors approved online CPR/AED courses to be credited toward NDHSCA Coaching Permit requirements.

Permit submission forms are due by April 1st of each year

Schools not submitting completed coach education forms by April 1st each year will be fined $300 and may not participate in post season events until the fine is paid and the form is submitted. 

Non-completion of coach certification, the respective school will receive a warning for the first offense.  Subsequent offenses will result in a $200 fine for the school for each violation.

All coaches should be listed on the coach submission form each year.  Only coaches with new certification each year will receive certificates.

NDHSAA Permit Requirements Checklist

NDHSAA Permit Submission Form (for schools to submit to NDHSAA)

NDHSAA Permit Tracking Form (school use only)

NDHSAA/NDHSCA Certified Coaches

All courses with the exception of CPR and AED certification are available NFHS Learn.

Instructions on creating an NFHS Learn account and purchasing a course.

  • Complete the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS Learn) Fundamentals of Coaching on-line course or have completed a coaching fundamentals course while in college. 
  • Complete the NFHS Learn Concussion Management Course.
  • Complete a First Aid Course.
  • Complete Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification and Automated External Defibrillator (AED) usage every two years. Not available online.


Activities Director, High School Principal or Superintendent of Schools will:

  • Collect the necessary information for each of their school’s respective coaches and submit the NDHSAA Coaches Permit Form indicating coaches who have completed all necessary requirements for the permit.


  • Will post all certified coaches on the NDHSAA web site and forward list to the North Dakota High School Coaches Association (NDHSCA).


  • Will complete a certificate (Permit) suitable for framing and send it to the respective coach or school.                           


  • Each coach must be certified in CPR, Concussion Management, up-to-date on all appropriate rules clinics and complete at least two of the requirements below within five years of receiving coaching permit.
  • Attend one ND High School Coaches Association Conventions over five years.
  • Complete five hours of training at a national, state or local coaching clinic.
  • Complete one sport-specific course from the NFHS Learn.
  • Complete one of the elective courses from NFHS Learn such as:  Engaging Effectively with Parents, Teaching Sport Skills, Teaching and Modeling Behavior, or The NCAA Eligibility Course.                                                                 


  • The coaching permit must be renewed every five years.
  • Coaches who graduated from college with a coaching minor which included Fundamentals of Coaching, First Aid, CPR/AED and Concussion Management within five years of the application for the permit will be given a Coaching Permit.
  • Non-completion of certification, the respective school will receive a warning for the first offense.  Subsequent offenses will result in a $200 fine for the school for each violation.
  • The present cost for Fundamentals of Coaching is $35, the cost for a first aid course is approximately $35 per person on-line, (may be less expensive locally), CPR certification costs vary, and the Concussion Management course is free.

Board Approved: 6/19/12
Revised by Board Action 8/2/12

Questions & Answers:

A:  The Fundamentals of Coaching requirement has been determined to be a general Fundamentals of Coaching course. The NFHS Learn Fundamentals of Coaching course is recommended, but not required. The course must be a general coaching fundamentals course.  It may not be a sport specific fundamentals of coaching course.  Sport specific courses will count toward the renewal requirement. The acceptance of general fundamentals of coaching courses is under local determination and control.

Q: When is the permit submission form due?

A: The permit submission form will be due by April 1st each school year beginning with the 2013/14 school year.  
For example: The 2013/14 school year, the submission date is April 1, 2014.

NFHS Offers National Coaches' Certification
Any Coach Interested in National Certification See Below

On November 5, 2009 the National Federation of State High School Associations launched its National Coach Certification Program.

Updated 07/15/2020