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The NDHSAA Staff includes eight people who work toward implementation of our mission statement. To email any staff member, please click on their name below.

Below you will find a short job description for each employee.

Executive Director: Matthew Fetsch

Matt started working for NDHSAA in 2010 and became the Executive Director in 2014. He brings teaching, school administration and officiating background to our organization. Matt is responsible for the finances of the association, the interpretation of the NDHSAA Constitution & By-Laws, eligibility issues, hardship investigations, protests against schools, administrates Hockey and works closely with the NDHSAA Board of Directors. Administrators or member schools may direct questions concerning eligibility and hardships to Matt.






Associate Director: Brian Bubach

Brian joined NDHSAA in 2008. He has fine arts and administration background and works with sanctioned fine arts and tennis events.  In addition to these activities, his portfolio includes coops and sanctioning.






Assistant Director: Justin Fletschock

Justin has been with NDHSAA since 2012. He has teaching, coaching, and administration background and currently presents rules clinics and works with Boys and Girls Basketball, Football, Boys & Girls Cross Country, Gymnastics, Baseball, Softball, and Golf.  He also deals with questions about officiating, sanctions, serves as the NDOA Secretary and works with game rule book interpretations.

Baseball, Softball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Golf, Gymnastics

NDOA Secretary/Liaison




Assistant Director: Kevin Morast

Kevin started working for NDHSAA in 2014. He brings teaching, school administration and officiating background to our organization. Kevin currently presents rules clinics and works with Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Volleyball, Wrestling, and Track & Field. Kevin also works with game rule book interpretations.

Soccer, Swimming & Diving, Track & Field, Volleyball, Wrestling

Cheerleading & Distinguished Students





Technology Director: Nick Walton

Nick joined the NDHSAA in 2021 and has a technology and web design background. He is the technology coordinator working with web design, publication design, on-line testing and the administration of our website.







Media Specialist: Tom Mix

Tom joined the NDHSAA in spring of 2016 and has a sports media background. Tom communicates NDHSAA information with Association audiences including, but not limited to, member schools, news media, broadcast companies and the general public. If you have any questions concerning media, contact Tom.  

Postseason Broadcasting





Administrative Assistant: JeriAnn Everson

JeriAnn has been with NDHSAA since 2019. If you have orders for directories, calendars, rule books and other materials contact JeriAnn. JeriAnn is also the person to contact concerning the status of membership dues & applications.





Business Manager: Sharon Prosby

Sharon started as the NDHSAA bookkeeper and office manager in 2005. She keeps track of membership applications and dues, eligibility forms, entry forms and the payment of fees.






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