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Online Clinic Verifications

Online Rules Clinic Completions

Lists of clinic completions are available on the tables below. It is the responsibility of coaches, officials and activity advisors to verify their own clinic completion on the lists below before the close of each clinic window.  Consequences will not be forgiven for failure to self-verify clinic completion.

Fine Arts Activities

Fall Winter
Music Debate
Play Speech
Student Congress  


Local Sub-varsity officials - Check with NDHSAA to check sport(s) certifications for Local Sub-Varsity Officials.  This link shows clinic completions only, not specific sport(s) in which local sub-varsity officials are certified. 

NON-Credit rules clinics - Two weeks after each clinic window closes, a non-credit version of the clinic will be available for users.  The links will be posted on our website at the following link:

Links to clinic completions by sport are available on the links below.

Fall Winter Spring
Boys Cross Country
Girls' Cross Country
Boys' Basketball
Girls' Basketball
Boys' Track & Field
Girls' Track & Field
Football Boys' Hockey
Girls Hockey
Girls' Golf  Wrestling Boys' Golf
Boys' Soccer Gymnastics Girls' Golf
Girls' Soccer
Girls' Swimming & Diving Boys' Swimming & Diving Girls' Tennis
Boys' Tennis   Softball
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