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Constitution & By-Laws

Part I Constitution of the North Dakota High School Activities Association

Article VI: Executive Director


The Executive Director, is an officer of the Association and of the Board of Directors, and shall be appointed by said Board for a contract term of not to exceed three years.


The Executive Director shall serve during the will and pleasure of the Board but shall not be removed during his/her term of office except for just and reasonable cause.


He/she shall receive for deposit and account for severally and separately all dues, fees and funds of the Association, expend them as directed by the Board and make a complete report of all receipts and expenditures to the Association at its annual meeting and such additional reports as he/she may deem necessary or may be required by the Board.

An audit of the financial records of the Association shall be made annually by a public accountant, and a report of such audit distributed to each member school of the Association.


The Executive Director shall be bonded in an amount fixed by the Board, the premium of such to be paid by the Association.


The Executive Director shall be charged with the responsibility of maintaining an office and hiring assistants to conduct the Association's affairs, subject to the approval of the Board.


The Executive Director shall exercise the powers and prerogatives of an executive administrator of all Association policies, practices and project, and shall direct and supervise all state-wide interschool events as the Board may assign and direct.

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