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Constitution & By-Laws


(Effective July 1, 1969)

NOTE: Unless otherwise specified in the rules which follow, the rules and regulations of the North Dakota High School Activities Association for regular high schools apply to junior high schools.

Other Junior High Regulations

General Statement:

In the junior high school if the 9th graders are kept separate for competition and teams are composed strictly of 9th graders, the regulations for each sport are exactly the same as they are for high school teams. Whenever a team is composed of students from grades 7-8-9, 8-9, 7-8, or 7-9 these teams are limited to regulations pertaining to junior high school teams.

Guidelines for Junior High Competition

  1. If a junior high student is elevated and participates in high school competition they shall be able to move back to junior high competition.
  2. A team made up of a combination of 7th and 8th grade students is considered a junior high team and is subject to those limitations as outlined in the By-Laws. Seventh and eighth grade students may be "moved up" to a high school team.
  3. A combination team (8 and 9 or 7, 8 and 9) may be declared for junior high status or high school status and that team must maintain that status the entire season.
  4. All Jr. High seasons shall be no longer than the high school season in that sport. No Jr. High participant may participate in a total number of consecutive weeks in excess of the number of weeks established for the high school season.

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