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Constitution & By-Laws

Part II By-Laws of the North Dakota High School Activities Association

Chart I: Member Schools Complaint and Appeals Flow Chart

Part II, Article VI

flowchart TD;
    id1[Executive Director receives and investigates complaint] -- If violation 
is found to exist --> id2[Executive Board
sets penalty] id2 --> id5[Notice to Violating
School District of
Violation and Penalty.] id5 -- If Violation Admitted --> id6[May Appeal to
Board of Directors
re: Penalty ONLY] id5 -- If Violation Contested --> id7[May Appeal Violation
to Executive Board] id7 --> id8[May Appeal Violation and or Dicipline to Board of Directors] id1 -- If no violation
is found to exist --> id3[Executive Director
dismisses complaint] id3 --> id4[Complaining Member School
may appeal the Executive Director's
decision to the board pursuant to
Article VI, Sections XV through XVII.]

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