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Constitution & By-Laws

Part I Constitution of the North Dakota High School Activities Association

Article IX: Local Control


The superintendent, principal or athletic/activities director shall be the official representative of the school, hereinafter called the Representative.

The Representative is responsible to the Association and his/her school in all matters pertaining to the interscholastic relations of his/her school. Interschool relations must be conducted by the duly appointed administrative officer of the school.


The principal, superintendent or athletic/activities director of each member school shall read or cause to be read to the high school and/or junior high school pupils thereof on or before September 15 of each year the eligibility rules of the Association. These rules shall be posted in the high school assembly room or on the school bulletin board and copies given to local papers. Special district rules and/or special rules of the Board shall be read and posted as soon as possible after their receipt.


Member school may join conferences or may unite with other schools to form conferences provided all such schools are members in good standing of the Association or of associations or leagues of other states or provinces, and provided, always, that the rules and regulations of such conferences may be in conformity with the rules of the Association and subject to the jurisdiction and authority of the Board. A copy of the Constitution and By-Laws of each such conference must be filed with the Secretary.

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