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Constitution & By-Laws


By-Laws & Board of Directors Regulations Affecting Length of Season, Number of Events, General Regulations, Etc.

Intent to Sponsor an Activity

(Board approved October, 2009)

For those sports involving statewide scheduling, the following dates shall be applied to member schools that are declaring intent to sponsor that activity:

Fall sports: June 1, prior to the start of season

Winter sports: September 1, prior to the start of season

Spring sports: January 1, prior to the start of season

Any member school not having declared intent in writing to the NDHSAA office by the deadline date and therefore not included in a statewide schedule may compete with an independent schedule but shall not be eligible for post-season competition that season.

All NDHSAA and NFHS rules and regulations shall apply to all teams sanctioned by NDHSAA and sponsored by the member school.

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