NDHSAA Proposed Amendment
Article V, Section II – Electronic Ballot
Board Proposed 5/4/17

Part II, Article V, SECTION II:  Board Members shall be nominated at the annual meeting of the Representatives of the Association, hereinafter called the Representative Assembly, and shall be elected by mail electronic ballot,. such Such ballot to shall be prepared by the Secretary and mailed delivered to member schools on or before January 1st following the nomination and shall be returned to the Secretary before January 15th.  The ballot is valid if the envelope in which it is mailed is postmarked before midnight January 14th.

Should any member move from the state profession, change into a different class school or different area of representation, cease to be an administrator or athletic administrator, or should the secondary principals representative cease to be a principal of a member school his/her position shall be declared vacant immediately and anew member appointed by the Board to fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting when the regular procedure of nomination and balloting shall be followed to fill the vacancy of the remainder of the term of office.

Updated 05/11/2017