NDHSAA By-Law Amendment Regarding Transfer Eligibility
Membership Approved January 26, 2016: 
110 (Yes) - 9 (No) 

Part II, Article XIV, SECTION IXa of the NDHSAA Constitution & By-Laws:


  1. A student shall have been in attendance at the school which the student represents for 180 school days one (1) calendar year upon transferring from another school unless the student's parents have become residents of the school district to which the student transferred or unless the school from which the student transferred does not offer work of the corresponding year in which the student is ranked, and there is no evidence of recruitment or undue influence.   In the instance of a pupil transferring from a public high school to a private or parochial high school, or vice versa, the student shall not be eligible to represent the new high school in varsity competition for 180 school days one (1) calendar year beginning with the first day of attendance in the new school.  Should a school district maintain more than one high school, residence shall be understood to refer to the territory assigned to a specific high school by the Board of Education, and any transfer by a student from one school to another within the school district without a corresponding change in parental residence shall result in a loss of eligibility in varsity competition for 180 school days one (1) calendar yearShould the student transfer from one school after the completion of the school year to another school prior to the start of the subsequent school year, the one (1) calendar year loss of varsity eligibility shall begin on the first date for fall practice in any sport.
Updated 05/11/2017