NDHSAA Board Agenda
With Exec. Sec. Comments
October 21, 2009

AGENDA-1:00 p.m.
1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Minutes
 a. September 23, 2009
4. Financial Report
 a. Balance sheet, budget and savings/investments
5. Coop Dissolutions
 a. Mott/Regent HS and Dickinson HS in baseball, 2009-10
 b. Grenora HS and Westby MT. HS in girls’bb and vb, 2009-10
    i. These two schools are coop’d but competing in Montana
 c. McClusky HS and Drake-Anamoose HS, in JH football, 2010-11
    i. 6c below
 d. Scranton and Bowman County HS in JH football, 2010-11
    i. 6f below
 e. Beulah HS and Hazen HS in girls hockey, 2009-10
    i. 6h below
6. Coops
 a. Hettinger,Scranton,Lemmon SD, and Mott-Regent, Baseball 7-12, 09-10
 b. Killdeer HS and Twin Buttes Elem, cross country, 7-8, 2010-11.
 c. Underwood, Turtle Lake-Mercer and McClusky, football, 7-8, 2010-11
 d. Bottineau and Turtle Mtn. Comm. HS, wrestling, 9-12, 2009-10, (Exec. Brd.)
 e. Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon, wrestling, 9-12, 2009-10, (Exec. Brd.)
 f. Hettinger and Scranton, JH football, 7-8, 2010-11.
 g. BHS,Century,St.Mary’s,Mandan,Shiloh,Center-Stanton, softball, 9-12, 2009-10
 h. Dickinson HS and Hazen, girls hockey, 7-12, 2009-10 (Exec. Brd.)
7. Executive Board Report
 a. The Executive Board has had the following requests for an emergency coop:
    i. TMCHS and Bottineau in wrestling
    ii. Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in wrestling
    iii. Dickinson and Hazen in girls’ hockey
    iv. Jamestown and Valley City in gymnastics
8. Football Committee Report
 a. Pete Moe, Chair of the Football Committee will report on the committee agenda:
    i. Review existing guidelines/timelines/playoff information—attached
    ii. Survey design
    iii. McClusky and Tri-County dissolution JH Football for 2010-11
    iv. McClusky, Turtle Lake-Mercer and Underwood JH Football coop for 2010-11.
    v. Scranton and Bowman County dissolution JH Football for 2010-11
    vi. Scranton and Hettinger JH Football coop for 2010-11
    vii. Discuss ramifications with possible reorganization of Edinburg and Valley High Schools—vote in Nov. 09—letter attached
9. Finance Committee Report
 a. Dave Looysen, Committee Chair, will report on the following items:
    i. Review of health insurance plan
    ii. Old and new office building updates
    iii. Review team payment plan
10. Coaching Requirements
 a. A Board member has requested Board discussion regarding the requirement of first aid education for 7-12 athletic coaches in ND.
11. Transfer of Care Form
 a. At the last meeting I presented a medical provider “transfer of care form” for you to review. It was agreed that Gary Thune should review this prior to Board action. Gary has recommended the attached form be used if the Board allows other medical providers to provide service at an event.
    i. The two options available to the Board are:
      1. To allow other medical providers to provide services at our tournaments. Transfer of care form needed.
      2. To allow only the contracted medical staff to provide services at the tournament. Transfer of care form not needed. Policy statement required.
12. Realignment Committee Report
 a. At the last Board meeting, President Schatz assigned the Realignment Committee to review all Class B fine arts regions and determine whether or not adjustments should be made. Chair of the Committee, Rick Jacobson will provide a report to the Board. Attached you will find research completed by Brian Bubach. The Committee will also address the next three agenda items.
13. New Salem-Almont High School
 a. Attached is a letter requesting a regional assignment for one- act plays. Brian Bubach will provide the Board with further information.
14. Goodrich High School
 a. Attached is a letter requesting a regional assignment for one- act plays. Brian Bubach will provide the Board with further information.
15. Minnewaukan High School
 a. Attached is a letter requesting a regional assignment for one- act plays. Brian Bubach will provide the Board with further information.
16. Grafton High School
 a. Grafton HS has requested the Board to again approve the use of a shot clock for non-conference basketball contests provided there is mutual agreement between teams involved. A letter is attached.
17. Timeline to Add a Sport
 a. The Board has requested staff to develop a regulation for Board consideration that would put a timeline for schools to declare intent to participate in sports having statewide scheduling. A proposed regulation is attached for your review.
18. Valley City HS (3:00 audience)
 a. Attached is a letter from Dean Koppelman, Supt., Valley City HS requesting an audience with the Board to discuss three division basketball and volleyball.
19. Other
20. Rooming List
21. Board Correspondence
22. Representative Reports
 a. This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.
23. Executive Secretary’s Report
 a. Four Winds FB
 b. BEK Sports
 c. AD survey results

24. Date and time for next meeting.
 a. November 20, 2009—Minot, State Volleyball
25. Adjourn

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