North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting
With Exec. Sec. Comments
Riverside Holiday Inn, Minot
Convention Hall
November 20, 2009


Nov. 20, Committee Meetings
               11:15 a.m.-Executive Board ( Schatz, Maus, Ranum) Convention Center
               11:45 a.m.-Fine Arts (Swiontek, Jacobson, Sanstead, Eastgate) Ground Round Cafe     
                                West Fargo/Fargo Fine Arts Proposal

Board Meeting - 1:00 pm

1.     Call Meeting to Order
2.     Approval of Agenda
3.     Minutes
a.    October 21, 2009
b.    November 6, 2009
4.     Financial Report
a.    Balance sheet, budget and savings/investments
b.    Review IRS Form 990
5.      Coop Dissolutions
a.    Fessenden-Bowdon HS and New Rockford, JH fb, 2010-11
6.      Coops
a.    Bismarck PS Middle Schools and Theodore Jamerson Elem. in volleyball, football, boys soccer, 7-8, 10-11., no fee
b.    Bismarck PS Middle Schools and Theodore Jamerson Elem. in, girls soccer, boys & girls bb, boys & girls track & field, 7-8, 09-10, (winter sports to Exec. Board) no fee
c.    Devils Lake and Park River, girls hockey, 9-12, 09-10. (Exec. Board), no fee
d.   Turtle Lake, McClusky and Underwood, in b&g cross country, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
e.   Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in girls' basketball, 7-12, 2009-10. (Exec. Board) late fee
f.    Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in football, 7-10, 2010-11. Late fee
g.   Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in boys basketball, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
h.   Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in wrestling, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
i.    Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in girls' track & field, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
j.    Harvey and Fessenden-Bowdon in boys' track & field, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
7.     Hazen HS (1:15 audience)
a.    Attached is a letter from Hazen High School requesting an appeal to the Board's recent decision to deny a girls' hockey coop application between Hazen and Dickinson High Schools.
8.     Turtle Lake-Mercer HS
a.    Gaillord Peltier, Supt of Turtle Lake-Mercer High School has filed a formal complaint against Four Winds High School alleging the use of an ineligible athlete in 2007-08.  The letter has been sent to each Board member.  I will provide an investigative report to the Board.
9.     Executive Board Report
a.    Jeff Schatz is chair of the Executive Board and will report on:
i.     Emergency coop applications
ii.     Penalty----Four Winds High School
10.  Membership Application Form
a.    Attached is a membership application form I worked up and am requesting your approval for use.  All that has ever been used in the past for membership is the dues form.  We have had numerous issues with schools applying for membership in order to coop with another school.  After the coops have been approved some schools have taken issue with being charged participation fees for the coop'd activity because they don't have any students participating.  I believe this will meet the requirement in Article III, Section II of the Constitution.
11.  Fine Arts Committee Report
a.    Steve Swiontek, Fine Arts Committee Chair will report on the following agenda items being addressed by the Fine Arts Committee.
i.     Class A Vocal Entry Allotments
ii.     Class A Instrumental MVP Registration
iii.     Class A 9th Grade Music Participation
iv.     MVP Registration for Fine Arts Activities
12.  NFHS/Medical Appliances
a.    Attached is a statement on medical appliances that was recently approved by the NFHS.  This is an informational item.
13.  St. John HS
a.    Attached is a letter from Don Davis, Supt. St. John High School, requesting the Board to re-evaluated the switch of seasons for Class B Boys' and Girls' Basketball.
14.  NDOA/Officials Fees
a.    This item recommended by NDOA was tabled from the last meeting.  Attached is a form showing results of the 2.5% increase.
15.  District Chair Report
a.    Clarke Ranum will chair the District Chairs meeting and will provide a report to the Board.
16.  Other
17.  Rooming List
18.   Board Correspondence
a.     Fessenden-Bowdon letter
19.   Representative Reports
a.    This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.
20.   Executive Secretary's Report
21.   Date and time for next meeting.
a.    January 23, 2010-Bismarck Ramkota
22.   Adjourn


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