NDHSAA Board Agenda
With Exec. Sec. Comments
January 27, 2010

Jan. 27, Committee Meetings
8:00 a.m. - Football Committee (Moe, Looysen, Maus, Helvik, Ulland) Room 2160
9:00 a.m.-Executive Board ( Schatz, Maus, Ranum) Room 1165
10:00 a.m. -Finance Committee (Looysen, Maus, Ranum) Room 1165
10:00 a.m.-Canvassing Committee (Sanstead, Helvik, Ulland) Room 2160
11:00 a.m.-Fine Arts Committee (Swiontek, Jacobson, Sanstead, Ulland) Room 2160

Agenda - 1:00 pm

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Minutes
a.    November 20, 2009
b.    December 22, 2009

4.     Financial Report
a.     Balance sheet, budget and savings/investments

5.     Coop Dissolutions
a.     Fessenden-Bowdon HS and New Rockford HS, b&g Track & Field, 2010-11
b.     Edinburg and Park River HS, b&g track & field, 2010-11
c.     Edinburg and St. Thomas HS, baseball, 2010-11
d.     Edinburg and Valley HS, b&g basketball, 2010-11
e.     Edinburg and Valley HS, volleyball, 2010-11
f.      Edinburg and Park River HS, b&g golf, 2010-11
g.     Edinburg and North Border Walhalla HS, wrestling, 2010-11
h.     Edinburg and Park River HS, football, 2010-11
i.      Medina and Jamestown HS, girls soccer, 2009-10
j.      South Heart and Dickinson HS, gymnastics, 2009-10
k.     Valley City and Maple Valley HS, gymnastics, 2010-11
l.      Valley City and Barnes County North HS, gymnastics, 2010-11
m.    McClusky and Goodrich HS, girls' bbn. Valley HS and Park River, b&g golf, 2010-11
o.     Valley HS and Grafton, softball, 2010-11
p.     Valley HS and Grafton, b&g cross country, 2010-11
q.     Valley HS and Drayton/St. Thomas, football, 2010-11
r.      Valley HS and Drayton/St. Thomas, b&g track, 2010-11
s.     Valley HS and Drayton/St. Thomas/Edinburg, baseball, 2010-11

6.      Coops
a.    Fessenden-Bowdon HS and Harvey HS, 7-8 football, 2010-11, no fee
b.    Fessenden-Bowdon HS and Harvey HS, 9-12 football, 2011-12, no fee
c.    Fessenden-Bowdon HS and Harvey HS, 7-12 girls bb, 2010-11, no fee
d.    Glenburn-Westhope-Newburg HS, girls' track & field, 7-12, 2009-10, late fee
e.    Glenburn-Westhope-Newburg HS, boys' track & field, 7-12, 2009-10, late fee
f.     Dickinson HS and Beach HS, baseball, 9-12, 2009-10, no fee
g.    Jamestown HS and Valley City HS, gymnastics, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
h.    Turtle Lake-Mercer and McClusky, girls' bb, 2010-11, no fee

7.     Executive Board Report
a.    The Executive Board will report on penalties assessed to
                                               i.     Washburn HS
                                              ii.     Central Valley HS
                                             iii.     Belfield HS

8.     Four Winds HS (1:30 audience)
a.    Attached is a letter from Wayne Trottier, Supt. of Four Winds High School requesting an audience with the Board to appeal the penalty as assessed by the Executive Board at the November meeting.

9.     Coach Education/Certification Committee
a.    At the November Board of Directors meeting, the Board established an ad hoc committee to study and make recommendations concerning the establishment of educational requirements for North Dakota coaches.  Steve Swiontek serves as chair of the committee and will report to the Board.

10.  Football Committee Report
a.    Pete Moe will report on the work of the football committee.  
                                               i.     Survey results
                                              ii.     Recommend Guidelines for approval

11.  Athletic Review Report
a.    President Schatz and VP Ranum will give a brief report of the Athletic Review meeting.

12.  ND Census Committee
a.    Attached is a letter from Rod Backman, Chairman of the ND Census Committee with a request for the Board to consider.

13.  Tournament Committee Recommendations
a.    Attached are the December 9, 2010 meeting notes
b.    Clarke Ranum serves as Chair of the Tournament Committee and will present the following recommendations for the Board to consider:
  i.     Sites:  change 2010 gymnastics site from Valley City to Jamestown
  ii.     2013-14 proposed sites

14.  Devils Lake HS
a.    Attached is a letter requesting the Board to consider a change to the JH basketball regulations.

15.  Divide County HS
a.    Attached is a letter from Divide County High School requesting the Board to reconsider a rule involving the 16 weeks junior high students can play when their JH season starts before the high school season and they are elevated to the high school team. The present regulation reads; "All JH seasons shall be no longer than the high school season in that sport.  No JH participant may participate in a total number of consecutive weeks in excess of the number of weeks established for the high school season".

16.  Fine Arts Committee Report
a.    Steve Swiontek will provide a report regarding the Fine Arts programs including regional assignments.

17.  Finance Committee Report
a.    Dave Looysen will present committee recommendations to the Board regarding staff salaries.

18.  Canvassing Committee Report
a.    Wayne Sanstead is chair of the committee and will report on the ballot count for the Class A East and Class B NE Board positions.

19.  Membership Meeting

a.    Hold discussion regarding the Monday Membership Meeting.

20.  Other

21.  Rooming List

22.   Board Correspondence
a.     Ellendale HS
b.     NF Distribution    

23.   Representative Reports
a.    This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

24.   Executive Secretary's Report
a.    Officials ballot-board folder
b.    Staff vacancy report
c.    West Fargo HS investigation
d.    Washburn HS investigation
e.    Hockey officials
f.     Hardship report

25.   Date and time for next meeting.
a.    March 12th Bismarck

26.   Adjourn

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