Board Meeting - 1-28-12

North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting

Bismarck Ramkota Hotel - Governor’s Room

NDHSAA Board Agenda With Exec. Sec. Comments
January 28, 2012

January 28th Committee Meetings
  9:00 a.m.—Finance Committee, Room 1165 (Ham, Swiontek, Hall)
  10:00 a.m.—Athletic Review, Governor’s Room (Swiontek, Ulland)

  11:00 a.m.—Canvassing Committee, Room 1165 (Sanstead, Brannan, Auch)

January 29th Committee Meeting
    2:00 p.m.—Executive Board, Room 3130, (Swiontek, Ulland, Helvik)

AGENDA—1:00 p.m.

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Approval of Minutes
  a.     November 18

  b.     November 30

  c.     December 15

4.     Financial Report
  a.     Attached are the balance sheet, budget report, and the Savings & Investment detail report.

  b.     Fall Finance Report

  c.     Form 5500 for Retirement Plan

          i.     The IRS has included 501C3 non-profits in a requirement to file two IRS forms.  I have been working closely with Cal Fleischer, Valic Representative on this and will provide an update for the Board.

5.     Coop Dissolutions
  a.     South Prairie and Max, baseball, 7-12, 2011-12

  b.     Our Redeemer’s and Minot High School in baseball, 9-12, 2011-12

  c.     Lemmon, SD and Hettinger in baseball, 7-12, 2011-12

  d.     New England and Dickinson HS in baseball, 9-12, 2011-12


6.     Coop Applications
  a.     Sawyer and South Prairie, baseball, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

          i.     Sawyer request, fee waiver, letter attached.

  b.      Kidder County-Steele, KC-Tappen and Napoleon, boys track,9-12, 2011-12,late fee

  c.     Kidder County-Steele, KC-Tappen and Napoleon, girls track,9-12, 2011-12,late fee

  d.     Langdon Area School and St. Alphonsus, music, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  e.     Kindred and Richland, softball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  f.      Dickinson and New England, softball, 9-12, 2011-12, no fee

  g.     Surrey and Our Redeemers, baseball, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

                                               i.     See item 5b

  h.     Kidder Co. Steele and Kidder Co. Tappen, Debate, 9-12, 2011-12, no fee

  i.      North Border Pembina, NB Walhalla and Cavalier, softball, 7-12,  2011-12, no fee

  j.      North Border Pembina, NB Walhalla and Cavalier, girls track, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

  k.     North Border Pembina, NB Walhalla and Cavalier, boys track, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

  l.      North Border Pembina, NB Walhalla and Cavalier, girls golf, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

  m.    North Border Pembina, NB Walhalla and Cavalier, boys golf, 7-12, 2011-12, late fee

  n.     May-Port CG, Hatton and Northwood, softball, 7-12, 2011-12. no fee

  o.     Westhope and Newburg, softball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee


7.     Executive Board Report
  a.     Appeal of findings
  b.     Review of rule violations
  c.     Set penalty for rule violation(s)
          Item 7c 1

          Item 7c 2
          Item 7c 3

8.     Shanley High School Request (1:30 audience)
  a.     Attached is a letter from Shanley High School requesting an adjustment and clarification for Class A Baseball and Softball.
          i.    East Region support letter 

9.     Coaches Education Committee Report
a.     Steve Swiontek will provide a report to the Board concerning the November Coaches Education Committee meeting that was held in Fargo. 

10.  Football Committee Report
  a.     Pete Moe will provide a progress report to the Board concerning the two- year football plan. The following documents are attached for your information and review. The Guidelines are in need of Board approval.
          i.     Board approved timeline for the 2013-14 football seasons
         ii.     Committee recommended guidelines for the development of the 2013-14 football plan. (Board approval necessary)
        iii.     Enrollment figures based on recent DPI reports

11.  Devils Lake HS Request
a.     Attached is a letter from Jason Wiberg, Devils Lake AD requesting approval for the JV boys basketball team to participate in the Ramsey County Tournament one day before the allowable game for Class A basketball.  The nine-day practice rule will be adhered to.  This has received approval in previous years.

12.  Class B Region 7 Request (2:30 audience)
  a.     Attached is a letter from Mitch Lunde, District 14 Chair and Kevin Morast, District 13 Chair.  They represent Region 7 Member Schools and are requesting a change in how traditional district and region tournaments are conducted.

13.  Stanley High School Response
  a.     There was a complaint filed by the Trenton HS Superintendent against a Stanley BB fan.  In response, Stanley High School was asked by NDHSAA to file a report stating how the matter was dealt with locally.  Past practice has been for the Board to review what action has been taken and determine whether or not it meets Board expectation. Documentation is attached for your review.  In addition, a statement by the Williston Officials Association is included.

14.  Larimore High School Request (3:00 audience)
  a.     Attached is a letter requesting the Board to waive or change the transfer rule for speech participants.

15.  Warwick HS Request
  a.     Warwick HS has a request regarding eligibility of a student athlete.

16.  Finance Committee Report
  a.     Committee Chair Kirk Ham will provide a report concerning:
           i.     Recommendations for staff salaries 

17.  2013 State Class B Music Site
  a.     Attached is an e-letter from The University of North Dakota regarding the site that has been selected for State B Music in 2013.  Brian Bubach will provide the Board with an update and recommendation.

18.  Canvassing Committee Report
  a.     The Canvassing Committee will have counted ballots for the election of Board Members representing NDIAA, Class A At-Large and Class B Southeast. Wayne Sanstead will provide a vote tally to the Board for approval.

19.  Combined Tournament Committee Recommendation
  a.     Scott Ulland, Chair of the Tournament Committee will report to the Board concerning the December 7th meeting.  The Committee recommends approval of state tournament sites through school year 2018-19 as presented.  That recommendation is attached.

20.  NDOA Request
  a.     At the November Board of Directors meeting, the following requests made by the NDOA Board were tabled until the membership had a chance to provide input to the NDHSAA Board:
        i. Increase officials’ fees 2 1⁄2 percent for all sports beginning in 2012-13 excluding sub-varsity basketball
       ii. Approve a $5.00 increase for sub-varsity basketball officiating.
      iii. Waive or reduce registration fees for new officials that are first time registrants.                                            
     iv. Require all member schools to contract at least one-third of its home contests with 3-person crews for boys and girls basketball. 

21.  Hockey Update
a.     Staff will provide an update to the Board regarding the recent Minnesota rule change for checking from behind.

22.  General Assembly Meeting
a.     The Exec. Sec. will review the membership meeting agenda with the Board.

23.  Other

24.   Rooming List
a.     State Boys B BB, Swim & Dive, Class A BB, Girls B BB

25.   Board Correspondence
a.     Jamestown HS lette

26.   Representative Reports
a.     Here is opportunity for Board members to create and awareness to issues and concerns that may or may not be found on a future agenda.

27.   Executive Secretary’s Repot
a.     trophy presentations
b.     Coaches Choice finance report

28.   Next Meeting, Date and Time
a.     March 9, 2012---Fargo Radisson---9:30 a.m.

29.  Adjourn

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