North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Agenda - With Exec. Sec. Comments
Minot Holiday Inn - Convention Center

March 19, 2010 

March 19th, Committee Meetings
            7:30 a.m.-Football Committee (Moe, Helvik, Ulland, Maus, Looysen) Convention Center
            8:30 a.m.-Continental Breakfast for District Chairs
            9:00 a.m.-District Chair Meeting

AGENDA-1:00 p.m.

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Minutes
  a.     March 12, 2010

4.     Financial Report  a.     Fall Activities
  b.     Wrestling
  c.     Hockey

5.      Coop Dissolutions
  a.   Oak Grove and Shanley, wrestling, 2010-11
        i.     Tabled from last meeting

6.      Coops
  a.    Fargo Public Schools, Shanley/Sullivan & Oak Grove, wrestling, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
         i.     Tabled from last meeting
  b.    Four Winds, Warwick and Minnewaukan, girls bb, 9-12, 2010-11, late fee
  c.    Four Winds and Minnewaukan, boys bb, 9-12, 2010-11, late fee
  d.    Valley-Edinburg, Drayton, St. Thomas, football, 7-12, 2010-11
        i.     Drayton letter in folder
  e.     Valley-Edinburg, Drayton, St. Thomas, baseball, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
  f.      Valley-Edinburg, Drayton, St. Thomas, boys track, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee
  g.     Valley-Edinburg, Drayton, St. Thomas, girls track, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

7.     Shanley High School Request
  a.     Attached you will find a letter as well as other supporting documentation from Sean Safranski, Shanley HS Principal, requesting an audience with the Board for reconsideration of a hardship denial.  This was placed on the agenda at the request of a Board member.

8.     Realignment Committee Report
  a.     Rick Jacobson is chair of this committee and will report of meetings held and/or make recommendations concerning the following items:
        i.     Regional Placement for Valley City High School
       ii.     Enderlin HS Request regarding region alignment for softball

9.     Fine Arts Committee Report
  a.     Steve Swiontek, committee chair, will report on discussions that were held regarding regional music contests and procedure for management disregarding NDHSAA rules and regulations.

  a.     The National Federation is promoting a contract with a company call The Licensing Resource Group.  LRG establishes agreements with large corporate stores such as Walmart to sell school clothing with the required LRG/NFHS hang tag.  As this clothing is sold, local schools, NDHSAA, NFHS and LRG would each get a percentage.  I will share my thoughts with the Board at the meeting.

11.  Officials Committee Report
  a.     Pete Moe is chair of the committee and will report on the following items that were discussed.  Committee recommendations will be made concerning:
      i.     On-line rules clinics for coaches and officials.
  1.     Review Baseball
  2.     Discuss whether to proceed or discontinue
      ii.     Retention of July 1 as an early registration date for officials, and discuss windows for registration with late fee.
     iii.     Change sub-varsity registration name to local and adjust the $28 fee to $30.
     iv.     Review of NDOA minutes (attached)-$2.00 fee increase recommendation

12.  NFOA
  a.     As a 100% state, our dues will increase by $5.00 per official.  This will amount to an estimated $7,000 increase for the Association.  At the last meeting this was discussed and the Board was asked to determine what part of that increase will be covered by NDHSAA and what part by the officials.  Attached are minutes from the NDOA Board meeting indicating support for a $2.00 increase in officials' registration. 

13.  NDHSAA Building
  a.     By meeting time there should have a formal offer for our old building.  The Board will need to determine whether to accept this counter offer or not.

14.  Two-Year Calendar
  a.     Attached you will find a calendar with the projected dates for 2011-12.  We always have a two year calendar approved for member schools to use for scheduling purposes.

15.  Football Committee Report
  a.     Attached you will find an agenda for the Football Committee.  Pete Moe will report to the Board regarding plan development.

16.  District Chair Meeting Report
  a.     Jack Maus will give a brief overview of the District Chair meeting that is scheduled for March 19th at 9:00 a.m.

17.  Other
  a.  Class A Review
  b. Summer Meeting

18.  Rooming List

19.   Board Correspondence
a.     Valenta letter
b.     Edwardson letter

20.   Representative Reports
a.     This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

21.   Executive Secretary's Report
a.     Officials' contracts
b.     Coach Ed.
c.     Staff Response

22.   Date and time for next meeting.
a.     April 20th Valley City

23.   Adjourn




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