NDHSAA Board Agenda
Detailed Agenda - With Supporting Documentation
March 20, 2009

1. Call Meeting to Order
2. Approval of Agenda
3. Minutes
a. March 13, 2009

4. Financial Report
a. Completed March 13th

5. Coop Dissolutions
a. Oakes and Sargent Central in speech, 7-12, 08-09

6. Coops

7. Two-year Calendar
a. Attached is the two-year calendar that needs approval
i. Please note the switch of boys and girls B basketball seasons that had previously been approved by the Board. I was recently informed by the Fargo Dome manager that the facility will not be able to host a state tournament the first weekend in March due to a long term commitment with a sports show. Bismarck has not been an option that first weekend because of West Region Basketball. The two cities available that first weekend in March are Minot and Grand Forks.

8. Sportsmanship Issue
a. This was tabled from the last meeting pending receipt of student apology letter.
The letter will be handed out at the meeting.

9. Minot High School Request
a. Minot High School has requested an audience with the Board to discuss an issue with dual residence. #2, “Change of Residence” as found on page 33 of the By-Laws applies in this matter. Pat McNally will address the Board and introduce the parent affected by this rule.

10. Devils Lake High School Request
a. Attached is a letter from Devils Lake requesting to be allowed participation before the approved first contest. This has been approved in the past provided the nine practice rule has been followed.

11. Edinburg High School Request
a. Attached is letter from Andrew Currie, Edinburg HS Supt, requesting a waiver of coop late fees as per reasons stated.

12. Executive Board Report
a. Royal Lyson will report the action of the Executive Board regarding a rule violation by Four Winds High School.

13. Out-of-season Coaching
a. The current rule states that coaches of team sports may not coach their athletes out of season except during June and July, during which contests and camps may be held. Baseball has always been an exception to this because of Babe Ruth and Legion. Nowhere can we find anything written about this. I think if there is an exception, it needs to be stated so it can be referenced.

14. Technology Update
a. Brenda Schell will provide a technology report to the Board that includes what is in place at the new building.

15. Other

16. Rooming List

17. Board Correspondence

18. Representative Reports
a. This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

19. Executive Secretaries Report

20. Date and time for next meeting.
a. April 15, 2009 in Valley City scheduled. I would suggest we consider April 22nd to get away from school board meetings. It would also work better with how the NF Legal Conference schedule has changed.

21. Adjourn

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