NDHSAA Board Agenda
With Exec. Sec. Comments
April 20, 2010

April 19th, Committee Meetings
   2:30 p.m., Tournament Committee, (Ranum, Jacobson, Looysen, Swiontek)
April 20th, Committee Meetings
   8:00 a.m., Realignment Committee (Jacobson, Eastgate, Helvik, Looysen, Swiontek)

Agenda - 9:30 am
1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Minutes
    March 19, 2010

4. Financial Report
    Attached is the balance sheet, detailed budget and investment report.

5. Coop Dissolutions
     a. Pingree-Buchanan and Jamestown, wrestling, 2010-11

6. Coops
     a. Valley-Edinburg, Drayton and St. Thomas, football, 7-12, 2010-11, late fee

          i. Submitted last meeting--Late fee waiver request (letter attached)

     b. Pingree-Buchanan and Carrington, wrestling, 7-12, 2010-11, late fee

     c. Grafton and Valley-Edinburg, softball, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

     d. Grafton, Minto and Valley-Edinburg, boys cross country, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

     e. Grafton, Minto and Valley-Edinburg, girls cross country, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

     f. Hettinger and Scranton, JH girls basketball, 7-8, 2010-11, late fee

     g. Hettinger and Scranton, JH boys basketball, 7-8, 2010-11, no fee

7. Minnewaukan High School
    a. Attached is a letter from Mike Callahan, AD from Minnewaukan High School requesting on behalf of the local school board an appeal to the denial of a coop dissolution request between Minnewaukan, Maddock and Leeds High Schools. In addition, they are requesting reconsideration of the football coop between Minnewaukan and Devils Lake High Schools beginning with the 2010-11 school year.

8. Combined Tournament Committee Recommendations
    a. The combined tournament committee has met and has the following recommendations for Board consideration. Clarke Ranum is chair of this committee. Meeting notes will be provided for you to review.
        i. Formation of a technology committee.
        ii. Change ticket prices for all play in games from $5 and $3 to $6 and $4.
        iii. Change a regulation requiring a rotation of Class A boys and girls state semi-final basketball games from boy girl to girl boy to always girl boy.
        iv. Allow tournament managers to sell t-shirts at regional events. The proposed language for Board policy would be:
           1. Tournament management will be allowed to sell t-shirts and/or caps at NDHSAA sponsored Regional Tournaments. The tournament host will design, order and pay for the t-shirts and or hat. 15% of the profit will be paid to the NDHSAA at the conclusion of the tournament.
        v. Change the 2010 site for state Class B baseball from Jamestown to: (see attached letter from Jim Roaldson, Jamestown AD)
            1. We have an Invitation to host from Minot and Fargo is sending one

9. Board Tournament Committee
    a. Clarke Ranum is committee chair and will review Committee recommendations concerning:
    i. 2010-11 Regional sites
    ii. Confirm 2010-11 State Sites

10. Realignment Committee Report
    a. Rick Jacobson is Committee Chair and will report on the following items:
        i. Glen Ullin HS Request (attached letter)

11. Tabled District Chair Recommendations
    a. At the March 12th meeting when District Chair and Athletic Review recommendations were dealt with, three items were tabled until Pete Moe could receive input from the NDHSCA concerning out of season coaching and the AD's could discuss sport specific open gyms at the spring NDIAAA conference. The items that were tabled are:
        i. Elimination of summer coaching restrictions for baseball and softball.
        ii. Allow sport specific open gyms.
        iii. Allow high school sub-varsity coaches to coach out of season for soccer.

12. NDMEA Request
a. Please see the attached request from Denese Odegaard, representative of the North Dakota Music Educators Association, requesting NDHSAA to move the date for State One Act Plays. The existing date is in conflict with the All-State Music Festival. Brian Bubach will lead the Board through this discussion.

13. Bismarck Public Schools Request
    a. Please see the attached letter requesting a one day waiver of the out of season coaching regulation.

14. Other

15. Rooming List

16. Board Correspondence

17. Representative Reports
    a. This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

18. Executive Secretary's Report
    a. Contract tournament apparel

19. Date and time for next meeting.
a. June 21-22 in Valley City

20. Adjourn


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