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North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting
Minot Magic City Campus - Vocational Center Wing
June 15 & 16, 2009

June 15th

9:00 am - Fine Arts Committee Agenda (Swiontek, Eastgate, Sanstead, Jacobson)
     Proposed Fine Arts Regulations: Debate - Drama - Music - Speech - Student Congress
9:30 am - Finance Committee (Looysen, Maus, Ranum)
10:30 am - Constitution & By-Laws (Maus, Swiontek, Eastgate, Sanstead)
11:00 am - Realignment Committee (Maus, Schatz, Swiontek, Jacobson)
6:00 pm - Retirement Supper

CLICK HERE for printable version of Detailed Board Agenda

AGENDA—1:00 p.m.

1. Call Meeting to Order

2. Approval of Agenda

3. Minutes
a. April 21, 2009
b. April 23, 2009
c. April 28, 2009

4. Financial Report
a. Balance sheet, budget and savings/investments
b. Winter sports financial report

5. Coop Dissolutions
a. Scranton and Dickinson HS, baseball, 09-10
b. McClusky and Goodrich, JH girls basketball, 09-10
c. Garrison and Velva, wrestling, 09-10

6. Coops
a. Grafton and Park River, softball, 7-12, 09-10, no fee
b. McClusky, Turtle Lake-M, and Underwood, JH gbb, 09-10, late fee
c. McClusky, Turtle Lake-M, and Underwood, g&b track, 7-12, 09-10, no fee
d. Harvey and Goodrich, b&g track, 7-12, 09-10, no fee
e. Bismarck and Dickinson, boys soccer, 9-12, 09-10, no fee

7. Fine Arts Review

a. Documentation regarding changes for the fine arts. Brian Bubach will review with you the proposed changes as well as the review committee recommendations.
Proposed Debate Regulations
Proposed Drama Regulations
Proposed Music Regulations
Proposed Speech Regulations
Proposed Student Congress Regulations

8. Fine Arts Participation
a. In years past, some middle schools that have 9th grade enrollments have been allowed to send a full delegation of students to regional contests. There needs to be Board discussion and consensus concerning that practice. Middle schools are considered members of NDHSAA by default through their district high school.

9. Class A Review
a. Attached are change recommendations from Class A and are in need of Board action.

10. District Chair Recommendations
a. The District Chair recommendations are located on the Athletic Review Grid and are in need of Board action.

11. Athletic Review
a. Attached are the minutes from coaches advisory as well as a grid with recommendations from the Athletic Review Committee. The Board needs to act on each of the recommendations

12. Constitution & By-Laws Committee Report
a. a. Jack Maus is the Committee Chair and will provide recommendations from the Committee to the Board regarding:
i. At the April meeting, the Board instructed the Constitution & By-Laws Committee to present wording that will allow high school baseball coaches to coach their athletes during the American Legion and Babe Ruth seasons.
ii. Grenora HS proposal regarding a home school situation
iii. Interpretation changes regarding the elimination of re-transfer options.

13. Realignment Committee Report
a. At the April Board meeting, a request made by Dean Koppelman, Supt. of Valley City HS was tabled until the June Board meeting. The Realignment Committee was instructed to discuss this request and report back to the Board. Jack Maus is the Committee Chair and will provide a report to the Board. The Valley City letter is attached for your review.

14. 2009-10 Tournament Sites
a. Attached are recommended golf and track sites for 2009-10. Board approval of all tournament sites is necessary.
b. Attached are recommended fine arts sites.

15. Board Organization 2009-10
a. The Board needs to determine next years’ President and Vice President of the Board

16. Technology Update
a. Brenda Schell will review the recommended technology plan for 2009-10. She will also update the Board regarding website etc.

17. Finance Committee Recommendations
a. Dave Looysen will provide a Committee report to the Board regarding:
i. 2009-10 budget
ii. Review of team payment formula
iii. Review of summer meeting formula

18. Region Placement
a. Oakes High School has made a request to be placed in Region VI for one-act plays, which would be the same as music and speech.

19. NDCCA (10:30 audience, June 16th)
a. Billie Ann Caya is a Board representative for the ND Cheer Coaches Assoc. and has requested an audience with the Board to discuss the following:
i. Spirit safety at state tournaments
ii. Clarification on tournament bands at state tournaments
iii. Enforcement of rules at state tournaments
iv. Cheer coaches not certified but still stunting-how to notify administrators
v. NF Coaches Education program
vi. Reimbursement for travel expenses to NF rules interpretation meeting.

20. Jamestown HS Request
a. Attached is a letter from Jim Roaldson, Jamestown AD, with documentation requesting a waiver of the age rule.

21. BEK Sports (11:00 audience, June 16th)
a. Attached is a letter from BEK Sports requesting to meet with the Board regarding webcasting/televising policies.

22. State Reimbursement Rates
a. The State Legislature passed legislation that the state rates for per diem and mileages are to be determined as set by GSA. Rather than go through periodic adjustments during the year, the Board should consider establishing a rate for the year. That would help in all areas for budgeting purposes.

23. Other

24. Rooming List

25. Board Correspondence
a. Anderson Letter
b. Hall letter

26. Representative Reports
a. This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

27. Executive Secretary Report
a. Report of golf site changes
i. State A Boys moved from Jamestown to Hankinson – Mike McCall, Mgr.
ii. West Region Boys moved from Jamestown to Bismarck – Dan Smrekar, Mgr.
b. Region 4 Girls moved from Harvey to Velva – Larry Long, Mgr.
c. Region 2 Boys moved from Hillsboro to Carrington – Karla Michaelson & Greg Johnson, Mgrs.
d. Region 1 Girls moved from Linton to Napoleon – Jon Starkey, Mgr.
e. BKM letter

28. Date and time for next meeting.
a. August 6th---Valley City

29. Adjourn

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