North Dakota High School Activities Association
Board of Directors Meeting
NDHSAA Office-Valley City
Board Agenda - With Exec. Sec. Comments
June 21-22, 2010 

June 20th, Committee Meetings
                7:00 p.m., Finance Committee, (Looysen, Maus, Ranum)

June 21st
6:00 p.m., Board Retirement Supper

June 22nd
6:30 p.m., Dave Carlsrud Retirement 

Detailed Agaenda - Board Meeting Starts at 9:00 am

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Minutes
  a.     April 20, 2010

  b.     May 11, 2010

  c.     May 25, 2010

4.     Financial Report
  a.     Balance sheet, detailed budget and investment report.

5.      Coop Dissolutions
  a.     St. Thomas and Drayton/Valley/Edinburg in football, 7-12, 2011-12 (item 6w)

  b.     Stanley and Powers Lake in b&g golf, 7-12, 2010-11

  c.     Richardton-Taylor and Hebron/Glen Ullin in b&g golf, 7-12, 2010-11

  d.     Pingree-Buchanan and Carrington in b&g track, 7-12, 2010-11, (item 6r, 6s) 

6.      Coops
  a.     Kenmare and Bowbells in baseball, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  b.     Park River, Fordville, and Valley-Edinburg in boys golf, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  c.     Park River, Fordville, and Valley-Edinburg in girls golf, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  d.     Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in boys track, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  e.     Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in girls track, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  f.      Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in softball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  g.     Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in baseball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  h.     Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in girls basketball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  i.      Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in boys basketball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  j.      Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in boys cross country, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  k.     Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in girls cross country, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  l.      Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in football, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  m.    Hope Christian and Dickinson PS in volleyball, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  n.     Bowbells and Burke Central in speech, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  o.     North Border, Cavalier, Valley-Edinburg, Langdon, wrestling, 7-12, 2010-11 no fee

  p.     Grand Forks Red River and Northwood, girls' swimming & diving, 9-12, 2010-11, no fee

  q.     Williston PS and New Public SD 8 in girls' basketball, 7-8, 2010-11, late fee

  r.      Pingree-Buchanan and Kensal in boys' track, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  s.     Pingree-Buchanan and Kensal in girls' track, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  t.      Hillsboro and Central Valley in 7-8 football, 2010-11, late fee

  u.     Washburn and Wilton in boys golf, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

  v.     Washburn, Wilton and Wing in football, 9-12, 2011-12, no fee

  w.    Grafton and St. Thomas in football, 7-12, 2011-12, no fee

  x.     Hettinger and Scranton in volleyball, 7-8, 2010-11, late fee

  y.     Killdeer and Twin Buttes in JH Football, 7-8, 2010-11, no fee

  z.     Leeds and Maddock in boys' golf, 7-12, 2010-11, late fee

  aa.   Leeds and Maddock in girls' golf, 7-12, 2010-11, late fee

7.     Executive Board Report
  a.     The Executive Board met via conference call.  Jeff Schatz will provide a report. A committee agenda is attached for your review.
                                              i.      May 11th to discuss a rules violation by Max High School.
                                              ii.     May 20th to discuss a rule violation by Grafton High School
                                              iii.     May 25th to discuss a rule violation by West Fargo High School

8.     Cavalier HS Request (10:00 audience, June 21st)
  a.     Frank Schill, Superintendent of Cavalier HS,  has requested an audience with the Board to request a reconsideration of Cavalier HS being allowed to move up to Division A football.

9.     Fargo North HS Request
  a.     Attached is a letter from Andy Dahlen, Fargo North Principal requesting a reconsideration of the dates selected for the 2010-11 Class A One Act Play contest.

10.  West Fargo HS Request
  a.     Please see the attached letter from Curt Jones, AD requesting a one day extension of the out of season coaching rule.

11.  Fine Arts Review
  a.     Brian Bubach and Steve Swiontek will lead us through the proposed changes for each of the Fine Arts Activities.  Advisory Committee recommendations for change along with Fine Arts Review Committee recommendations are attached for your review.  Each change proposal will need approval before being added to the regulations.

12.  District Chair Recommendations
  a.     Minutes of the District Chair meeting are attached for your review.  You will find the District Chair recommendations needing Board action on the Athletic Review Grid, which will also be used for item 13 on the agenda.

13.  Athletic Review
  a.     Attached you will find meeting notes from each of the advisory committees.  Sheryl Solberg and Dave Carlsrud will summarize the meeting notes prior to any Board action.  The attached grid identifies those items needing Board action.

                                               i.     Audience:  Milnor HS, concerning fall golf.

14.  Board Position
  a.     I have received official notice from Rick Jacobson concerning his Board position.  Due to his acceptance of a Class A Superintendent position he is unable to fulfill the final two years of his four year term on the Board of Directors.  According to  Article V, Section II of the NDHSAA Constitution; "Should any member change into a different class school, his/her position shall be declared vacant immediately and a new member appointed by the Board to fill the vacancy until the next annual meeting when the regular procedure of nomination and balloting shall be followed to fill the vacancy of the remainder of the term of office.

15.  Fine Arts Regional Alignment
a.     At a previous meeting, Brian Bubach was asked to identify those schools needing official regional placement for various activities.  In addition, some schools were in a region for one activity and a different region for another activity. Attached you will find a list of those schools and the recommended assignments.

16.  Finance Committee Report
a.     The finance Committee has met and Dave Looysen will discuss the following with the Board.

                                               i.     2010-11 budget
                                               ii.    Reserve Fund
                                               iii.   Team Payment Plan

17.  Medical Advisory Committee Report
a.     The Medical Advisory Committee met via conference call on May 5th.  The following items were topics of discussion: (meeting notes attached)
                                               i.     Preparticipation physical form---dealt with May 11th
                                               ii.    Request Board to support a By-Law change that would move the date for student physicals from June 15th back to April 15th

    1.     Supporting documentation from Dr. Rafael Ocejo, Bismarck, Medcenter One is attached.

18.  2010-11 Technology Plan
  a.     Brenda Schell will present a proposed technology plan for Board consideration.

19.  Board Organization 2010-11
  a.     The Board needs to select its President and Vice-President for 2010-11.

20.  Basketball/Volleyball Request (10:00 audience, June 22)
  a.     Representatives from Edgeley, Valley City, Fargo, Grafton, Enderlin Beulah, Barnes County North, Griggs County Central, Jamestown, Drayton, Richland, Wyndmere and Lewis & Clark-Berthold High Schools have requested the Board of Directors to adopt and implement a change that would create three divisions of competition in basketball and volleyball.  Attached is a letter of formal request as well as the proposed plan.

21.  Other

22.  Rooming List

23.   Board Correspondence
  a.     Waldera letter in folder

24.   Representative Reports
  a.     This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

25.   Executive Secretary's Report
  a.     Hardship Investigations

  b.     Participation Survey




26.   Date and time for next meeting.
a.     August, 5, 2010

27.   Adjourn

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