NDHSAA Board Agenda
August 6, 2009
Detailed Agenda - with Supporting Documentation

Aug 5th

  5:00 p.m.-New Member Orientation (Schatz, Helvik, Ulland)

  6:00 p.m.-Board Supper at Sabir's (located next to Motel)

  8:00 a.m.-Football Committee (Moe, Helvik, Ulland, Maus, Looysen)

  AGENDA-9:00 a.m.

1.     Call Meeting to Order

2.     Approval of Agenda

3.     Minutes

a.     June 15-16

4.     Financial Report

a.     Balance sheet, budget and savings/investments

b.     Year-end report

c.     Spring sports financial report

d.     T-shirt sales report

5.     Audit Report (9:15 audience)

a.     Harold Rotunda has completed the 2008-09 audit and will provide a report to the Board.

6.      Coop Dissolutions

a.     TGU Towner and TGU Granville in speech 2009-10.

b.     Scranton and Bowman in:

                                               i.     Football----2010-11

                                              ii.     Cross Country----2010-11

                                             iii.     Speech----2009-10

                                            iv.     Wrestling----2009-10

c.     Medina and Jamestown in girls cross country, 2009-10.

7.      Coops

a.     Hettinger and Scranton in football, 7-12, 2010-11, no fee

b.     Hettinger and Scranton in wrestling 7-12, 2009-10,late fee

c.     Hettinger and Scranton in boys track, 7-12, 2009-10, late fee

d.     Hettinger and Scranton in girls track, 7-12, 2009-10, late fee

e.     Hettinger and Scranton in boys golf, 7-12, 2009-10, no fee

f.      Hettinger and Scranton in girls golf, 7-12, 2009-10, no fee

g.     Hettinger and Scranton in speech, 7-12, 2009-10, no fee

8.     Football Committee Report

a.     Pete Moe is committee chair and will provide a football report to the Board concerning:

                                               i.     Hettinger and Scranton coop request.

                                              ii.     Future committee work

9.     Officials Recruitment/Retention Report

a.     At the last meeting, the Board approved a recommendation from Class A Review that would provide NDHSAA representation at a meeting with NDHSCA and NDIAAA to discuss ways to recruit and retain officials.  Pete Moe and Jack Maus represented NDHSAA at this meeting.  Pete Moe served as Chairman and will provide a report to the Board.  Meeting notes are attached.

10.  Number of FB Players Dressed for Playoffs

a.     At  Board member request, the Board is asked to consider allowing the following number of players to be dressed for football playoff games:

                                               i.     9 man - 40

                                             ii.     Division A - 50

                                            iii.     Division AA - 60

                                            iv.     Division AAA - 70

                       At the present time, 9-man is allowed 40 dressed players and all three 11-man

                       Divisions allow 50 dress players

11.  Medical Advisory Committee Report

a.     The Medical Advisory Committee met on July 17th.  I will give an oral report to the Board and hand out a transfer of care form for you to examine.  The Committee is asking you to look it over and discuss its value before requesting approval.  Approval will be requested at the September meeting.

12.  Building(s) Update

a.     I will update the Board regarding the sale of our existing building and on the progress being made on the new building.  We will walk over to the new building so you can see firsthand.  We need to discuss furniture and portable wall for the Board room.

13.  Other







14.  Rooming List


15.   Board Correspondence



16.   Representative Reports

a.     This is an opportunity for Board members to bring up issues and concerns that the staff and other Board members should be aware of.

17.   Executive Secretary Report






18.   Date and time for next meeting.

a.     September 22nd---Valley City

19.   Adjourn

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