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Attending Online Clinics

How To Attend Online Clinics

The NDHSAA staff produce online rules clinics every year. These clinics are required for officials and coaches of their respective sports, and the clinics must be completed within the designated window in order to earn credit. To get credit for completing your required clinics follow these steps:

1. Login or create an account on  
2. Click on the Clinics tab on the left side of the page. Attend Online Clinics Image 1
3. Click on the green Take Clinic button next to the clinic you wish to attend. Attend Online Clinics Image 2

4. Complete the clinic by watching and listening to each slide. You cannot continue the next slide until you have listened to all of the audio on each slide. Some clinics may have tests built into them in order to continue to the next slide.

5. Near the end of the clinic you will encounter a slide with a "webobject" in it. Continue to the next slide and print it out or take a screen shot of it for your records.  
6. You can verify that you completed the clinic by navigating to your sport/activity on and clicking on the Clinic Verifications link on the right hand side of the page. Attend Online Clinics Image 3

Tip: Be sure you are using a modern browser, preferably Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Tip: Make sure you disable any ad blockers while viewing the clinic, they can prevent the verification script from running preventing us from receiving the completion of your clinic.

If you encounter problems or have questions with the clinic, please contact the NDHSAA office prior to the deadline. Clinics will not be reopened for any reason. If you missed the clinic, you can view a non-credit version if you wish. The non-credit clinics will be available 1-2 weeks after the clinic window closes.

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