How to use the NDHSAA Messaging System

The messaging system built into the NDHSAA admin website will send messages to groups of people or individual people. The messages appear in the NDHSAA admin website and also appear in email accounts. Anyone that has an NDHSAA account can send a message. You can send to groups of people such as all athletic directors or superintendents, all school main contacts or specific groups such as coaches of baseball.

Sending Messages

  1. Log in to NDHSAA - check out our Recover Password help page if you are having trouble logging in.
  2. Click the Messages tab on the left side of the page
  3. Click “New Message”
  4. Check the box “This message is for official school use only, solicitations for personal/business gain prohibited.” 
  5. The NDHSAA messaging system may only be used for school correspondence.  Usage for personal or business gain is prohibited.
  6. In the Send to Users box, choose the users or groups you want to send to
    1. To send to all Superintendents, choose Users with RoleTo send to all coaches of a specific sport, choose Users with Role and Sport
    2. To send to all school main contacts, choose School Main Contacts
    3. To send to all officials, choose Officials.  You may also select one or more sub-groups of officials by sport.
  7. Click the blue Create button
  8. Choose the group to which you want to send an email
    1. Make your choices by the drop down menus available
    2. The role of coach would be for head coaches of each specific sport
    3. The role of Activity Advisor/Coach would be the head advisor/coach for each specific fine arts activity
  9. Enter a subject for your message and type in your content. Attachments may not be included
  10. Click “Send”. Your message goes out!

Deleting Messages

In messages there are two ways to delete messages:

  1. Use the Delete dropdown menu next to the New Message button. This is a bulk deletion, be careful when using this.
  2. Use the Delete button next to any message to delete that message.
Updated 01/31/2022