How to Submit Team Scholars

NDHSAA recognizes teams that have met a cumulative 3.20 Grade Point Average as Team Scholars. Team Scholars may be submitted  by school administrators through the NDHSAA website.  Team Scholars submitted by the 15th of each month are published monthly in the NDHSAA BULLETIN the following month.

To submit team scholars to NDHSAA:

  1. Log in to NDHSAA
  2. Click the Admin Portal (bell) for your school on the top left side of the page
  3. Click the Team Tab on the grey menu bar
  4. Click the Enter Team Scholars tab next to the team you would like to enter as a Team Scholar
  5. Complete form - including checking the eligibility box
  6. Click the blue Submit
  7. Your Team Scholar submisson will be emailed to Brian Bubach

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Updated 09/13/2021