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Transferring a Student

How to Transfer a Student


NEW – this is the school that the student is transferring TO
OLD – this is the school that the student is transferring FROM

Initiating a Transfer:

Transfer Forms are initiated by the NEW school. NEW will need name, date of birth, grade level, enrollment date, current physical address, living situation, the OLD school from which student is transferring from (including address and contact if from out of state or in-state non-member), withdrawal date, and any sports/activities that the student participated in. It may be helpful to have the student or a legal guardian present.

To access the Transfer Form you will need to login to and follow these steps:

  1. Click on your School name in the top left corner of the Admin portal
  2. Click on the Transfers tab
  3. Click on the New Transfer button

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From there fill out the form and submit. This will send an automated email to the OLD school notifying them that a Transfer Form has been initiated. If this is needed in a timely fashion, you may want to reach out to the OLD school to ensure they know that the form has been submitted.

Process for the OLD school:

After a NEW school has submitted a Transfer Form, the OLD school will be sent a notification. OLD will also be able to see the status of any Outgoing transfers by following steps 1 and 2 above, and the clicking on the Outgoing tab. Select the new outgoing request, confirm the information is correct and answer the questions and submit.

Finalizing the process:

After the OLD school completes the Outgoing portion of the form, the form is forwarded to the NDHSAA for evaluation. The new school will be notified of the students eligibility, or if needed the NDHSAA will reach out for further clarification.

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