How to Update your Concussion Management

If you need to update your concussion management or are new to officiating in North Dakota and aren't sure how, then this is the guide you are looking for!

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in or sign up (its free to register)
  3. Click on "Courses" on the main navigation menu
  4. Type "concussion" in the search field
  5. Click on "Concussion in Sports"
  6. Select "North Dakota" in the dropdown menu, then click "Order Course"
  7. Select "Myself", assuming you are ordering the course for yourself
  8. Go through the process of "purchasing" the course. Don't worry, it is a free course, this process simply links the course to your NFHS Learn account.
  9. After you finish "purchasing" the course, you should be redirected to your Dashboard (if not you can click on "Dashboard on the navigation menu)
  10. Click on "My Courses"
  11. Find "Concussion in Sports" and click "Begin Course"

Once you finish the course you can view your certificate by clicking on "My Certificates" (no need to print this if you don't want, we will lookup everything we need). If you need a fast way to check if your concussion management is up to date you can check out our Check Concussion Management tutorial.

Updated 10/29/2021