Fine Arts

DebateMusicPlaySpeechStudent Congress

NDHSAA oversees boys' and girls' activities in high schools in the state of North Dakota. The following activities are sponsored by NDHSAA: Student Congress, Debate, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music, Play, and Speech

Advisory Committees 

DebateMusicPlaySpeechStudent Congress

Advisory Committees meet after the completion of each season to make recommendations to the Fine Arts Review Committee for consideration. Agendas and minutes are available on the NDHSAA website.

Code of Conduct

Purpose: To elevate standards of Good Sportsmanship and to encourage the growth of responsible citizenship among the students, member schools and their personnel. Click Here for a pdf of the NDHSAA Code of Conduct

Fine Arts Review Committee

The Fine Arts Review Committee meets annually to review recommendations from the Advisory Committees. Recommendations are voted on and forwarded to the NDHSAA Board of Directors for their consideration.

Tournament Announcement

NDHSAA sponsors many regional and state tournaments for activities in North Dakota.  More information may be found on activity specific pages. 

Updated 10/13/2015