Coaches Education Permit Submission - Due April 1

December 28, 2017 6:00 pm

Beginning in the fall of 2013 all coaches who work with student athletes in grades 9-12 must be certified. To become certified a coach must complete the requirements for a NDHSAA Coaching Permit. Member schools submit their coaching rosters through the NDHSAA Coaching Permit Submission Form. The NDHSAA Coaching Permit Submission Form allows tracking of all coaches through member schools. This is the only form that will be accepted and it must be emailed electronically as an excel spreadsheet. If you would like to track more coach information than listed on this form, please feel free to add columns AFTER (to the right of column 10). Only columns 1-10 need be submitted to NDHSAA.

All coaches must be submitted each year. Only certified coaches not certified in a prior year will be mailed coaching permits. Coaching permits will be issued by the North Dakota High School Coaches Association. The due date for the Coaches Education Permit Submission form is April 1st each year.

This form has been emailed to main school contacts and is available on the NDHSAA website under Forms. Please contact NDHSAA for any questions concerning this form.