Latest ND Cross Country Coaches Poll released

October 13, 2021 7:30 pm

By Tom Mix
NDHSAA Media Specialist

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The latest North Dakota High School Boys and Girls Cross Country Coaches Poll has been released. Twenty-seven coaches voted in this week’s poll.

Complete North Dakota Boys and Girls Cross Country Coaches Poll:

Class A Boys Team: 1, Williston. 2, Bismarck High. 3, Grand Forks Red River. 4, Bismarck Century. 5, Fargo Davies. Others receiving votes: Dickinson.

Class A Boys Individual

1. Hunter McHenry (Grand Forks Red River)
2. Ivan Askim (Williston)
3. Aiden Johnson (West Fargo Sheyenne)
4. Griffin House (Bismarck Century)
5. Fynn Krenz (Williston)
6. Quinn Roehl (Grand Forks Central)
7. AJ Ash (Dickinson)
8. Caeden Johnson (West Fargo Sheyenne)
9. Brady Korsmo (Bismarck)
10. Owen Sondag (Fargo North)

Class A Girls Team: 1, Williston. 2, Grand Forks Red River. 3, Bismarck High. 4, Minot. 5, Fargo Davies. Others receiving votes: Bismarck Legacy.

Class A Girls Individual

1. Bayla Weigel (Bismarck High)
2. Eleni Lovgren (Williston)
3. Jaelyn Ogle (Watford City)
4. Jocelyn Schiller (Grand Forks Red River)
5. Acey Elkins (Mandan)
6. Dru Zander (Williston)
7. Kaelyn Berg (West Fargo High)
8. Taya Fettig (Bismarck High)
9. Sopia Ness (Bismarck High)
10. Kinley Steckler (Fargo Davies)

Class B Boys Team: 1, Bowman County. 2, New Town. 3, Kindred. 4, Hillsboro/Central Valley. 5, Beulah/Hazen. Others receiving votes: Grafton

Class B Boys Individual

1. Ian Busche (Beulah/Hazen)
2. Cole Spotted Bear (New Town)
3. Austin Wanner (Bowman County)
4. Owen Duttenhefner (Killdeer)
5. Christian Brist (Hillsboro/Central Valley)
6. Cole Campbell (Kindred)
7. Ethan Schaffer (Kindred)
8. Kaden Fuller (Bismarck Shiloh)
9. Taylor Wanner (Bowman County)
10. Lucas Vollmer (Surrey)

Class B Girls Team: 1, Rugby. 2, May-Port-CG. 3, Kindred. 4, Hillsboro/Central Valley. 5. Southern McLean. Others receiving votes: Grafton.

Class B Girls Individual

1. Brynn Hanson (Des Lacs-Burlington)
2. Hannah Westin (Shiloh Christian)
3. Jenna Soine (Hatton/Northwood/Larimore)
4. Dreah Frolek (Sargent Central/Lidgerwood)
5. Norah Entzi (Edgeley-Kulm)
6. Amelia Shepard (Rugby)
7. Brooklyn Bartsch (Rugby)
8. Annika Stroh (Lisbon)
9. Peyon Gette (Kindred)
10. Jaci Fischer (Bowman County)

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