NDHSAA Board approved pitch count regulation goes into effect March 31

March 22, 2017 9:00 am

By Tom Mix
NDHSAA Media Specialist

VALLEY CITY, N.D. – The North Dakota High School Activities Association’s Board of Directors approved pitch count regulation for baseball will go into effect March 31 – the opening date of contests.

The new regulation applies to both the Class A and Class B divisions. Details of the new pitch count regulation are as follows:

Regular Season: 120 daily pitch count maximum

0 Days Rest: 0-30 pitches
1 Days Rest: 31-45 pitches
2 Days Rest: 46-60 pitches
3 Days Rest: 61-75 pitches
4 Days Rest: 76-120 pitches

Postseason (For three consecutive-day tournaments)

* 120 daily pitch count maximum
* 135 pitches tournament maximum

0 Days Rest: 0-45 pitches
1 Days Rest: 46-90 pitches
2 Days Rest: 91-120 pitches

Other Information:

  • Daily Limits – If a team plays two games in one day, a pitcher may pitch in both games, just add pitch totals together.

  • If the daily or postseason max pitch count is reached during an at bat, the pitcher is allowed to finish that batter.

  • Home book is the official book for pitch counts.  It is recommended that the teams compare pitch numbers during the game.

  • If a pitch count tracker is present, they are the official pitch count.

  • Tournament managers will track pitch counts and update teams accordingly.

  • IBB do not count towards the pitch count.

  • Use care when choosing a position for a removed pitcher (ie catcher).

  • Postseason pitch counts will be used for State and Region Tournaments that are scheduled entirely over 3 consecutive days.  For all other tournament formats regular season pitch count rules apply.

The National Federation of High School Associations (NFHS) Board of Directors approved the pitch count policy change in July, which required all High School Associations to adopt their own pitch count regulation.

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