2017 NDHSAA Class A Speech Tournament Results

April 25, 2017 4:00 pm

The 2017 and sixty-fifth annual NDHSAA Sponsored State Class A Speech Tournament was held at Jamestown High School on April 22. All participants qualified from one of two regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.

Valley City captured first place with 90 points. Dickinson took second with 76 points, West Fargo Sheyenne third with 49 points, West Fargo and Bismarck St. Mary’s tied for fourth with 46 points.

Elected by peers as the 2017 State A Speech Coach of the Year was Nick Lee of Valley City.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Radio Broadcasting: 1st –Micayla Bitz, Mandan; 2nd –Kamryn Hellman, St. Mary’s; 3rd –Anthony Vecchia, St. Mary’s; 4th –Austin Weigel, Fargo Shanley; 5th –Page Schoer, Fargo Davies; 6th –Eliza Johnson, Valley City; 7th –Katherine Swinland, Devils Lake; 8th –Shadman Mansib, West Fargo

Storytelling:  1st –Abigail Moberg, Dickinson; 2nd –Anushka Sikdar, West Fargo; 3rd –Sophia Maliscke, Fargo South; 4th – Trevor Weiland, Red River; 5th – Alivia Hoke, Jamestown; 6th –Alyssa Rodriguez, Devils Lake; 7th –Joseph Mollet, West Fargo; 8th –Ella Konieczka, St. Mary’s

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading:  1st –Anavah Cole, Jamestown; 2nd –Abby Slyter, Valley City; 3rd –Reid Nelson, Fargo Shanley; 4th –Anna Joyce, West Fargo; 5th –Rachel Andrus, Dickinson; 6th –Francine Dong, Grand Forks Central; 7th –Amalia Thomas, St. Mary’s; 8th –Kathryn Goettle, St. Mary’s

Humorous Duo: 1st –Anthony Peralta/Haison Nguyen, West Fargo; 2nd –Marlen Meester/Erik Johnson, Valley City; 3rd –Adam Mastel/Nichole Rothenberger, Grand Forks Central; 4th–Emily Cox/Sean King, Grand Forks Central; 5th – Talia Germann/Andrew King, Valley City; 6th_ Stephanie Johnson/Erica Solberg, Bismarck Century; 7th – Kyler Smith/Madison Barndt, Dickinson; 8th - Chase Angermeier/Trey Zent, St Mary’s

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st –RoseMarline Marcellus, Valley City; 2nd –Maggie Oberlander, Valley City; 3rd –Reid Nelson, Fargo Shanley; 4th –Abigail Moberg, Dickinson; 5th –Hailey Wanner, St. Mary’s; 6th –Pressida Clarke, Dickinson; 7th –Monisha Terry, Valley City; 8th –Haiden Pederson, Legacy

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st –Isaac Spanjer, Fargo North; 2nd –Elizabeth Yoder, Dickinson; 3rd –Raeef Rahman, West Fargo;  4th –Shiori Kudo, Fargo South; 5th – Gurtaran Johal, Fargo Shanley;  6th –Crystal Deng, West Fargo Sheyenne; 7th –Josh Ward, Fargo Shanley; 8th –Kassi Manley, Jamestown

Poetry:  1st –Yasmine Bettina Mojica, Minot; 2nd –Rebecca Duncan, West Fargo Sheyenne; 3rd –Pressida Clark, Dickinson; 4th – JuliAnn Lukach, Dickinson; 5th – Maria Modi, Fargo North; 6th –Jwan Al Selim, West Fargo; 7th –Page Schoer, Fargo Davies; 8th – Sydney Hella, Fargo South

Humorous Interpretation:  1st –Marshall Ziegler, Bismarck High; 2nd – Nicole Niteka, West Fargo Sheyenne; 3rd –Hunter McKelvey, Devils Lake; 4th –Haison Nguyen, West Fargo; 5th –Rachel Rusch, St. Mary’s; 6th –Dylan Quick, Valley City; 7th –Natalie Thome, Willison; 8th –Madeline Robinson, Fargo South

Serious Duo:  1st –Ty Schonert/Luke Young, West Fargo Sheyenne; 2nd – Jeremy Parker/Paige Thorgerson, Dickinson; 3rd –Alyssa Rodriguez/Emily Eback, Devils Lake; 4th –Samara McDermid/Joseph Lauinger, Jamestown; 5th –Madison Baumgartner/Rachel Keller, St. Mary’s; 6th –Jacie Kohler/Lorin Gabbert, Williston; 7th –David Opdahl/Tanaya Leifson, Valley City; 8th-Johanna Jones/Dallas Tufty, West Fargo Sheyene; 9th-Maggie Oberlander/Eliza Johnson, Valley City

Inform:  1st –Rachel Andrus, Dickinson; 2nd –Esofi Nunyi, West Fargo Sheyenne; 3rd –Dhruvika Patel, West Fargo Sheyenne; 4th –Saige Thurlow, Fargo Davies; 5th – Erik Johnson, Valley City; 6th –Aubrey Roemmich, St. Mary’s; 7th –Sariyah Hossain, West Fargo; 8th –Jacob Berntson, Valley City

Serious Prose:  1st –Abby Slyter, Valley City; 2nd –David Opdahl, Valley City; 3rd –Marlen Meester, Valley City; 4th –Angeline Utomo, West Fargo Sheyenne; 5th –Micayla Bitz, Mandan; 6th – Sofie Hansen, West Fargo; 7th – Ashlyn Weis, Jamestown; 8th – Robert Bender, Bismarck High

Speech to Persuade:  1st –North Skager, Mandan; 2nd –Saige Thurlow, Fargo Davies; 3rd –Elizabeth Borg, Valley City; 4th –Elizabeth Yoder, Dickinson; 5th –Kamryn Hellman, St. Mary’s; 6th –Neelay Patel, Fargo Davies; 7th –Rebecca Montecuollo, Valley City; 8th –Jordan Montgomery, Jamestown

Impromptu:  1st –Nidhi Mahale, Fargo Davies; 2nd –Isaac Spanjer, Fargo North; 3rd –Taranvir Johal, Fargo Shanley; 4th –Brandon Prichard, St. Mary’s; 5th –Kassi Manley, Jamestown; 6th-Raeef Rahman, West Fargo; 7th –Anna McDonald, Minot; 8th-Whitney Tiegs, Dickinson

Speech to Entertain:  1st –Dylan Lee, Fargo Davies; 2nd –Hunter McKelvey, Devils Lake; 3rd –Hillary Moberg, Dickinson; 4th –Rachel Borg, Valley City; 5th –Jordan Aberle, St. Mary’s; 6th –Macy Mack, Dickinson; 7th –Nidhi Mahale, Fargo Davies; 8th –Sofia Flores, Fargo North