2019 NDHSAA State Class B Speech Tournament Results

May 1, 2019 12:15 pm

The 67th Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 27, 2019. All participants qualified from one of ten regional tournaments or at an invitational tournament held during the season.

Richardton-Taylor took first place with 82 points; Enderlin/Maple Valley was awarded second with 79 points; Dickinson Trinity/New England was third with 42 points; Harvey/Wells County was fourth with 41 points; Milnor was fifth with 26 points; and Shiloh Christian was sixth with 24 points.

The Class B Coach of the Year was a tie between Corbin Storbeck, Harvey/Wells County and Teri Egan, Enderlin/Maple Valley.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st- Galilee Mengesha, Shiloh Christian; 2nd-Alexa Zinke, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd- Truman Hamburger, Richardton-Taylor; 4th- Genesis Paul, Hazen; 5th-Emily Belland, Bowman County; 6th-Elizbeth Nolan, Hazen; 7th- Cassie Faul, Harvey/Wells County; 8th-Brooke Loen, Harvey/Wells County.

Radio Broadcasting:  1st- Eve Heupel, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd-Jaden McNeiley, Kenmare; 3rd- Carter Jones, Beulah; 4th- Hunter Berntson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Bryck Schutt, Beulah; 6th- Sandra Larson, New Rockford-Sheyenne; 7th- Alaina Gleason, Milnor.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st-Rachel Rackov, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd-Joshua Sunstrom, Grafton; 3rd-Lucy Sutter-Hegg, Thompson; 4th- Katie Kempel, Central Cass; 5th- Michaela Erfle, New Salem-Almont; 6th- Rebekah Frohlich, Shiloh Christian; 7th-Lillian Effertz, Velva; 8th-Zarah-Mae Keenan, Rugby.

Storytelling: 1st-Sarah Diem, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd- Joshua Seibel, Harvey/Wells County; 3rd-Madilyn Gefroh-Johnson, Velva; 4th- Aimee Wiedrich, Hazen; 5th-Jaden McNeiley, Kenmare; 6th-Caleb Erickson, Bowbells; 7th- Andrew Mehlhoff, Wing; 8th- Evan Christensen, Enderlin/Maple Valley.

Serious Duo:  1st-Cole Turchin/Kaylee Dickerman, Lisbon; 2nd- Madison Bartholomay/Layla Anderson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Jace Ruud/Hannah Erie, Stanley; 4th-William Bartz/Abby Lacher, Richardton-Taylor; 5th-Logan Blankenbaker/Michaela Fischer, Bowman County; 6th-Soloman Nadeau/Drew Norby, Rolette; 7th-Elle Goetz/Reece Biel, Richardton-Taylor; 8th-Isabella Nolan/Aimee Wiedrich, Hazen.

Poetry:  1st-Macy Olson, Harvey/Wells County; 2nd- Brooke Christensen, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Emily Palmer, Richardton-Taylor; 4th-Dahlia Diegel, Wishek; 5th- Ella Wagner, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 6th-Kayla Barral, Bowbells; 7th- Bethanie Ternes, Washburn; 8th-Gabriella Rodriguez, Grafton.

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st- Eric Romero, Milnor; 2nd- Madilyn Gefroh-Johnson, Velva; 3rd-Layla Anderson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 4th-Alexandra Puetz, Wyndmere; 5th- Eden Bartz, Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Jace Ruud, Stanley; 7th – Carissa Stroh, North Sargent; 8th- Lucy Sutter-Hegg, Thompson.

Inform:   1st- Sarah Diem, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd-Nicolle Peterson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd-Natalie Tegtmeier, Northern Cass; 4th- Cheyden Paulson, Richardton-Taylor; 5th- Alexandra Klein, Rugby; 6th-Emma Honeyman, Mott-Regent; 7th- Thomas Rausch, Central Cass; 8th-Allison Lucas, Kulm.

Humorous Interpretation:  1st-Julianna Berg, Kindred; 2nd-Mason Rose, Carrington; 3rd- Joshua Seibel, Harvey/Wells County; 4th-Hunter Berntson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th- Kris Fuhrman, Milnor; 6th- Jack Johnson Richardton-Taylor; 7th-Thea Letcher, Hatton/Northwood; 8th-Rikka Edwardson, May-Port-CG.

Humorous Duo:  1st-Evan Christensen/Brooke Christensen, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Robert Bartz/Wiliam Bartz, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd-Cadeon Pederson/Savanna Friedt, Carrington; 4th- Jaxon Voller/Graycin Wanzek, Shiloh Christian; 5th-Mason Rose/Rori Ricter, Carrington; 6th-Kirklan Grenier/Solomon Nadeau, Rolette; 7th- Addison Harms/Hannah Frohlich, Shiloh Christian; 8th-Marshall Riekow/Sherman Quanbeck, Shiloh Christian.

Serious Prose:  1st- Eric Romero, Milnor; 2nd- Elle Goetz, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Hannah Erie, Stanley; 4th-Keone Clark, Wing; 5th-Reece Biel, Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Zachariah Ebsch, Stanley; 7th-Adelyn Emter, Dickinson Trinity/New England; 8th-Caedon Pederson, Carrington.

Speech to Persuade:  1st- Hunter Baer, Garrison; 2nd-Jacob Christianson, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Chloe Anderson, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 4th-Annika Towe, Harvey/Wells County; 5th-Kora Biffert, Hazen; 6th-Malachi Braddock, Stanley; 7th- Matthew Pretzer, Richardton-Taylor; 8th-Hailey Thorlakson, Langdon Area.

Impromptu:  1st- Truman Hamburger, Richardton-Taylor; 2nd- Cassie Faul, Harvey/Wells County; 3rd-Tara Dahl, Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock; 4th- Alexa Zinke, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Thomas Rausch, Central Cass; 6th-Jacob Christianson, Richardton-Taylor; 7th-Amber Selensky, Rugby; 8th-Brooke Loen, Harvey/Wells County.

Speech to Entertain: 1st-Hunter Baer, Garrison; 2nd- Eden Bartz, Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Miya Smalls, Turtle Lake Mercer; 4th- Trissa Gross, Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th-Elyse Paulson, Bowman County; 6th-Hannah Frohlich, Shiloh Christian; 7th-Brooklyn Mauch, Kindred.