2021 NDHSAA State Class B Speech Tournament Results

April 27, 2021 4:00 pm

The 68th Annual NDHSAA sponsored State Class B Speech Tournament was held at Mandan High School on Saturday, April 24, 2021.  Sue Anderson and Annette Bender served as managers.

Enderlin/Maple Valley took first place with 56.5 points; Shiloh Christian was awarded second with 43 points; Richardton-Taylor was third with 42 points; Bowman Co. was fourth with 37.5 points; Harvey/Wells County was fifth with 32.5 points; and Dickinson Trinity/New England was sixth with 24 points.

The following are the top place winners in each of the 14 categories.

Extemporaneous Speaking:  1st- Galilee Mengesha - Shiloh Christian; 2nd- Kaden Campbell - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 3rd- Morgan Matheson - Bowman Co.; 3rd-Brooke Loen - Harvey/Wells County; 5th- Jonathan Anderson - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 6th- Brooklyn Berger - Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th- Alex Bly - Burke Central 8th- Jack Mairs - North Sargent.

Radio Broadcasting:  1st- Zachary Turner - Shiloh Christian; 2nd- Jaden McNeiley - Kenmare; 3rd- Emilie Nannenga - Harvey/Wells County; 4th- Brayden Byers - Linton; 5th- Jaxon Lacher - Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Laura Hovland - Linton; 6th- Slayde Stautz - Central Cass; 8th- Luke Zimmer - Velva.

Extemporaneous Programmed Reading: 1st- Lillian Effertz - Velva; 2nd- Blake Bernhardt - Wing; 3rd- Alyssa Buckman - Bowman Co.; 4th- Mya Woodbeck - Bowbells; 5th- Caitlin Reiten - Litchville-Marion; 6th- Zarah-Mae Keenan - Rugby; 7th- Lindsey Donley - Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock; 8th- Sarah Mueller - Barnes County North.

Storytelling: 1st- Sarah Diem - Dickinson Trinity/New England; 2nd- Jaden McNeiley - Kenmare 3rd- Anna Small - Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock; 4th- Lily Solemsaas - Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood; 5th- Morgan Van Bruggen - Litchville-Marion; 6th- Reilly Meyer - Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th- Dreah Frolek - Lidgerwood; 8th- Chloe Schaefer - Oakes.

Serious Duo:  1st- Annika Stroh and Carissa Stroh - North Sargent; 2nd- Abby Lacher and William Bartz - Richardton-Taylor; 3rd- Kirklan Grenier and Kjerstan Sebelius - Rolette; 4th- Elisabeth Klockmann and Kiana Olson - Enderlin/Maple Valley 5th- Ella Strutz and Hannah Westin - Shiloh Christian; 6th- Alexandra Puetz and Alexis Busch – Wyndmere; 7th- Malena Twedt and Lucas Peterson - May-Port CG; 8th- Danae Sauve and Kayla Barral - Bowbells.

Poetry:  1st- Skye Auka - Harvey/Wells County; 2nd- Logan Blankenbaker - Bowman Co.; 3rd- Caleb Blaze - Linton; 4th- Ella Wagner - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th- Julianna Dickson - Washburn; 6th- Lily Moch - May-Port CG; 7th- Kayla Barral - Bowbells; 8th- Lukas Hegel - Beach.

Dramatic Interpretation:  1st- Logan Blankenbaker - Bowman Co.; 2nd- Caitlin Reiten - Litchville-Marion; 3rd- Zarah-Mae Keenan - Rugby; 4th- Alexis Busch - Wyndmere; 5th- Alexandra Puetz - Wyndmere; 6th- Lillian Effertz - Velva; 7th – Morgan Chandler - Hillsboro; 8th- Katelyn Duchscher - Rugby.

Inform:   1st- Thomas Gerber - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Morgan Matheson - Bowman Co.; 3rd- Brie Storsved - New Salem-Almont; 4th- Kendra Kaczynski - Lidgerwood; 5th- Macy Kennington - Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Isabella Garr – Carrington; 7th- Jessa Heidrich - Linton; 8th- Isabelle Haring - Oakes.

Humorous Interpretation:  1st- Robert Bartz - Richardton-Taylor 2nd- Amber Selensky - Rugby; 3rd- Thomas Gerber - Enderlin/Maple Valley 4th- Jake Dahl - Washburn 5th- Skye Auka - Harvey/Wells County; 6th- Andrew Ring - Shiloh Christian; 7th- Evan Christensen - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 8th- Loren Wolf - Linton.

Humorous Duo:  1st- Robert Bartz and William Bartz - Richardton-Taylor; 2nd- Brieanna Yancey and Tayla Ybarra - Alexander; 3rd- Andrew Ring and Zachary Turner - Shiloh Christian; 4th- Oliver Marquardt and Lucas Peterson - May-Port CG; 5th- Alyssa Hoff and Adreia Sanchez - Richardton-Taylor; 6th- Molly Jennings and Jake  Dahl - Washburn; 7th- Brooke Loen and Tyler Weisser - Harvey/Wells County; 8th- Hayden Smith and Paul Aarseth - Enderlin/Maple Valley.

Serious Prose:  1st- Ella Wagner - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 2nd- Gabriela Oberg - Washburn; 3rd- Alex Bly - Burke Central; 3rd- Evan Christensen - Enderlin/Maple Valley; 5th- Kris Furhman - Milnor; 6th- Isabelle Haring - Oakes; 6th- Jessa Heidrich - Linton; 8th- Autumn Pulver - Stanley

Speech to Persuade:  1st- Ella Leidy - Wilton; 2nd- Victoria Beha - Mohall-Lansford-Sherwood; 3rd- Danae Sauve - Bowbells; 4th- Emilie Nannenga - Harvey/Wells County; 5th- Emma Thorsgard - Hatton/Northwood; 6th- Hailey Thorlakson - Langdon Area; 7th- Matthew Pretzer - Richardton-Taylor; tie for 8th- Loren Wolf – Linton; 8th - Jonathan Anderson - Enderlin/Maple Valley.

Impromptu:  1st- Galilee Mengesha - Shiloh Christian; 2nd- Tara Dahl - Hazelton-Moffit-Braddock; 3rd- Megan Kramer - Max; 4th- Brooklyn Berger - Dickinson Trinity/New England; 5th- Amber Selensky - Rugby; 6th- Reilly Meyer - Dickinson Trinity/New England; 7th- Skya Brandon - Hatton/Northwood; 8th- Dana Arp - Sargent Central

Speech to Entertain: 1st- Kirklan Grenier - Rolette; 2nd- Thea Letcher - Hatton/Northwood; 3rd- Dreah  Frolek – Lidgerwood; 4th- Melissa Johnson - Griggs County Central; 5th- Kathryn Borg - Park River Area; 6th- Caleb Erickson - Bowbells; 7th- Abbigail Mehlhoff - Wing; 8th- Nicole Lawler - Linton.