NFHS LEARN: Sportsmanship Course available

August 12, 2021 10:15 am

“Sportsmanship,” the online course for coaches, players, parents, fans and officials, is now available. It is free, takes 15 minutes to complete and should be required of every person connected to interscholastic sports. This course presents what sportsmanship is, why it is important in the interscholastic environment and explains each stakeholder’s role in promoting positive behavior. To access “Sportsmanship” and other courses, please visit:

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The NFHS developed this free course to give you a better understanding of sportsmanship, how it impacts the educational process and identifies your specific role in modeling it at all interscholastic athletic events. Insight is shared throughout the course from fans, players, parents, teacher-coaches and officials. This course will help provide schools a more positive game environment.


For further information about this and all online NFHS courses, please visit